Tips To Keep Your New Home Safe

Tips To Keep Your New Home Safe
Tips To Keep Your New Home Safe

If you’re moving into a new home, you’re probably excited for numerous different reasons. However, you need to make sure you’re taking the time to protect your new investment. If you don’t take the steps outlined in this guide, then you might not be able to call it ‘home sweet home’ for long. Read on!

Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting not only makes your home look better, it protects you. Have you ever returned home in darkness, and been a little too clumsy with your keys – started to panic, and spotted all kinds of strange shadows lurking in the bushes? It happens to us all. Our imaginations can run away with us. Then, we finally get inside of the house and breathe a sigh of relief. However, failing to have outdoor lighting can actually be dangerous, as it gives intruders a place to hide. Having outdoor lighting, especially the kind that is sensor activated, will help to keep you and your new property safe.

Be Smart About Where You Put Your Valuables

If you leave your laptop, keys, and mobile phone by the window each night, you’re asking to be a target. If people can clearly see where your valuables are kept, you might just get a chancer come by and see if they can take them. Leaving your keys by the letterbox can be a big mistake, as many experienced intruders will be able to let themselves in. Make sure you keep your most expensive valuables locked away, and anything else put up safe away from windows and doors.

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Change The Locks

Calling in a locksmith to change your locks as soon as possible is a must. You just don’t know who could have a spare key to your home. The old owners may seem nice enough, but you can’t be too careful. Make sure you change every lock in the house and you’ll be able to rest peacefully at night.

Get Home Insurance ASAP

Get home insurance as quickly as you can, or swap over your previous policy to your new home. It may not stop things from happening, but it will give you peace of mind and cover you for losses. If you are looking for some great insurance options, do make sure to get home insurance at Money Expert. It may not stop things from happening, but it will give you peace of mind and cover you for losses.

Make Your Home More Secure

There are plenty of other ways you can make your home secure, so make sure you get serious about it. You can install an alarm system for example, which can be setup to call the police if a code isn’t entered after a set amount of time. Many homeowners are taking the smart route, and having an alarm that ties in with things like heating, cooling, and more. If you really want to deter thieves and intruders, install CCTV. Even fake CCTV can have an impact!

Join Neighborhood Watch

Joining neighborhood watch will help you to get to know your neighbors, and encourage them to look out for you when you’re not there. When you have an active neighborhood watch and look out for one another, people are much less likely to try their luck.

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