Tips To Boost Traffic On Your Business Website

Tips To Boost Traffic On Your Business Website
Tips To Boost Traffic On Your Business Website

Congratulations! You’ve successfully built a website to help promote your company. Now you just need to get people to see it to reap the full benefits. Here are a few suggestions to help you boost the traffic on your website and generate more business.

Are you posting enough?

A blog is a long-term commitment and a direct representation of your business. You don’t need to write 300 articles per day to boost your website traffic. Whether you post new material daily or weekly, you need to be posting consistently in order to generate enough interest in your site. Remember, it’s going to take time for people to take an interest. Keep posting on a regular basis while you try new ways to lead people to your site.

Optimize your site for SEO

When your website is live, make sure it has optimum SEO as part of your internet marketing strategy. Effective SEO will drive up web traffic, thus giving you more business. Google suggests using keywords in the URL, making the site navigation easy, and avoiding long URLs as much as possible. Google also uses links and backlinks to determine successful websites; if many reputable sites link back to your blog, it is an indication of good quality. Google and Bing – the most used search engines – offer the option of submitting your link onto their platform to improve your SEO ranking.

Get social

Thanks to pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, advertising your business has never been more efficient. Once you’ve created a social media page for your company, use it to post articles from your blog, and give brief updates on promotions and new services. You can also connect with any networking contacts and get them to promote your website on their social media sites.

Tips To Boost Traffic On Your Business Website

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Write a guest post on someone’s blog

If you have a business contact with an established following, offer to write a guest post on their website. Doing so will get your name out to their readers, and encourage them to click the links back to your blog. Once you have more internet traffic, your contact may also be willing to write a post for your website and attract new readers to his own business. It’s a mutually beneficial transaction.

Use email marketing

Social media hasn’t killed email, so you shouldn’t neglect this valuable communications tool. Most people on the move don’t have time to read a lengthy blog post. However, a quick email blast can give them all the highlights, and let them check out the website in their own time. As long as you don’t bombard your customers with endless emails, this is an effective way to generate more traffic.

Write short and snappy headlines

How many times have you clicked on a blog post because the headline was outrageous and eye-catching? You should spend at least 80 percent of your time working on a gripping headline. Even if they don’t read the whole article, it’s still more traffic.

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