The Secret Life Of A Successful Entrepreneur

The Secret Life A Successful Entrepreneur
The Secret Life A Successful Entrepreneur

A lot of stuff is said about the lifestyles of the rich and the famous entrepreneur. But have you ever actually wondered what life’s like on the ground, beyond all the yachts and mansions? It turns out that the day to day business life of billionaires like Musk and others are very different to how most people imagine. It’s not all about cruising the Med, drinking champagne. There’s some real hardcore work involved.

There’s no denying that top execs at the helm of multimillion dollar businesses are a rare and special breed. Here is a class of people with hyperactive schedules and hyperactive minds. They’re individuals who have to continuously juggle their investors on the one hand and their employees on the other. It can be a difficult task. When you’ve spent enough time with top execs, you quickly pick up on some general themes on how they live their lives.

People Are Their Biggest Problem

Top business CEOs aren’t so much engineers or strategists as they are agony aunts. Most execs spent the majority of their time trying to resolve relationship issues, according to Jim Koch, a founder from Boston. Time and time again, problems would arise that needed a quick resolution.

Other execs spend enormous swathes of their time just keeping up to date with what’s going on in their organizations. When you run a global enterprise, it’s sometimes hard keeping up with what everybody is doing. Jason Rhode, the CEO of Cirrus says it’s not about the quantity of time you spend with others, it’s about the quality. He says that he spends most of his time in one-on-one meetings with his staff. He avoids time-consuming meetings where possible. As a result, his team members accomplish more because of these effective and efficient corporate dialogues.

Travel Is A Fact Of Life

Being a successful entrepreneur requires being constantly on the move. You have to meet new people and explore new companies. Travel is a part of weekly, if not daily life for the vast majority of top execs. Most CEOs say that their main reasons for traveling are to connect with potential customers. When they’re on the road, they’re always looking to form new relationships and explore new opportunities. It’s important for them to find new clients in senior roles.

But travel isn’t always easy, especially if you’re going to a dangerous place. Often CEOs will hire out top executive protection companies if they feel that they are a high-value target. It’s a real problem, and one that’s not going to go away anytime soon.

Secret To Success

Exercise Is Part Of Their Routine

Harry Herington is the CEO of NIC Inc. He says that he and his top execs go to the gym three to five times a week together. Why? According to Herington, wellness culture is an important part of his company culture. But there’s also a sense that he takes exercise as a way to mull over and resolve difficult issues back at the office.

Exercise is a theme across many top CEOs and execs. Often they are incredibly early risers because they have so much they have to accomplish in one day. Most of all, they are just driven to tackle whatever the day has in store so their motivation gets them up and at ’em. And the majority take their exercise before the day has even started. Healthy mind, healthy body is the name of the game for high achievers.

Faith Is An Absolute Must

Many top earners executives and some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs attribute an intangible quality of faith to their extraordinary success. It’s the, you’ve got to imagine it before it can become reality, mindset. Many use this power of imagination, then follow it fervently with determined faith to see their goals and dreams come true. Most of all, prayer, meditation, and a strong relationship with God is what keeps many of these heavy hitters in the position of power they hold.

Reading Is A Daily Activity

The world’ most successful entrepreneurs read more than the average person. They believe in being a student of life, so they are constantly learning and expanding their breadth of knowledge. Most are reading motivational books or industry specific work like Art of the Deal for real estate moguls. Others read the daily papers staying in the know on world affairs. The point is, they maintain their mental alertness by sharpening their faculty of mind. Reading is one of the best ways to do this. Try the Prosperity Bible or The Optimist Creed if you want to change your life and become a successful entrepreneur too.


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