How To Make It In The Music Industry

How To Make It In The Music Industry
How To Make It In The Music Industry

Singing is one of the most creative and beautiful art forms in the world. So many young children grow up wanting to be professional singers in this day and age. But, what does it take to actually make it in the music industry?  One thing’s for certain, it will be tough! So, I have a few pieces of advice that can help you get your singing career off the ground.

Take Proper Singing Lessons

No matter how good you are at singing, it pays to take proper singing lessons. This produces two massive benefits for you. Firstly, you can fine tune your craft and get better at live singing. You’ll learn specific techniques that can help elevate you above others. Secondly, you’ll be working alongside a professional singing teacher with experience. There’s every chance they’ll have contacts and can help you find work here and there. They may have another client that needs someone to perform in a musical. Or, they may have taught people that now have record labels and are looking for talent. Doors can be nudged open for you if you take singing lessons. You’ve got to put yourself where you want to be.

Make Your Music Free To Listen To

Getting ahead in the music business is all about getting noticed. As far as a singing career goes, you’ll desperately need people to notice your talents. Good singers often get picked up and then signed to major record labels. The most recent example of this is Shawn Mendes who got noticed through short videos on Vine. That’s the secret to getting noticed, providing people with free access to your music. You can do this in numerous ways, the two most popular are via YouTube and Soundcloud.

Don’t bother using Vine anymore as it’s getting shut down soon so will be obsolete. YouTube allows you to record videos of yourself singing and upload them to the site. There are countless people that make a successful singing career this way. However, Soundcloud is often the better option as it’s a free music streaming service. People can listen to tunes for free on their phone while they work, run, etc. A simple tip to get noticed on this platform is to purchase Soundcloud plays. This will make it seem like your songs have lots of views and it will attract more listeners as they seem like popular songs.

Don’t Aim Too High From The Start

It’s natural to have ambitions of becoming a successful and well-known singer. However, this can often be the downfall of many ambitious singers. It will be very difficult to get the big gigs and the big contracts right from the start. You’ve chosen a career path that’s very competitive and careers are often built the hard way. You should set your sights realistically when you’re just starting out. Take as many small gigs as you can as it will help you gain experience. With this experience also comes contacts in the industry. Your network just might become the key to your success. It’s all about who you know. Think small-scale success to begin with, and you’ll soon make your way up the ladder and become a successful artist.  

Follow these tips and put in plenty of hard work to get your music career up and running. Who knows, with a little luck, in a few years you may be on center stage on Broadway or have a number one selling album!

Jacqueline Maddison
Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.
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