The Most Beautiful Dream Cars You’ll Want To Drive

The Most Beautiful Dream Cars You'll Want To Drive
The Most Beautiful Dream Cars You'll Want To Drive

When you live in a beautiful town, it makes sense to drive one of the world’s most beautiful cars. Over the last one hundred years, the look of our humble automobiles has been one of the most important selling points. Nobody wants something that looks like a box on wheels. Instead, gorgeous, sleek lines, curves in all the right places, and the perfect shade of red sits firmly on the dream car list:


Any Ferrari will turn heads as you wait for the light to change at the junction. But if you really want to get their attention, look out for the classic 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB. This was, and still is, hailed as the most beautiful Ferrari ever built. The sound of the engine, the handling of the drive, and of course the beautiful shape are all perfect. These days, Ferrari’s feel lighter and easier to maneuver. They still pack a punch with the horsepower! 

Ultimate Luxury Cars: BMW Alpina B7


The 7-series saloon has become the staple executive or career car. It states power, sophistication, elegance, and strength. It has also become one of the most popular company vehicles that businesses offer their most senior personnel. According to Klein Lawyers, injuries from car accidents are the biggest reason to make a claim. That’s why you should always pick cars like the BMW that are undeniably attractive but still packed with the safety features you need.

The Most Beautiful Dream Cars You'll Want To DriveAston Martin

Very few people could call an Aston Martin ugly. The DB9 and Vanquish are perhaps the most attractive cars in the world. Aston Martins were popularized by becoming the vehicle of choice for James Bond in the movies. You can order an interior to match the beauty of the exterior. And there are plenty of onboard features that are perhaps lacking in the other high-performance or sports cars out there. Beautiful, graceful, and fierce when required.

The Most Beautiful Dream Cars You'll Want To Drive


The 911 with those rear end curves has been a firm favorite for car enthusiasts since the 1960s. Men and women love the infamous ‘face’ that is still a feature for the most recent models. Yes, they’re fast, and yes they sound great. But it is perhaps the shape that sells the most. Black is the color of choice here, but there have been several models seen sporting a range of other colors.

The Most Beautiful Dream Cars You'll Want To DriveLamborghini

In the 1970s, Lamborghini launched the Miura in a punchy yellow tone, and everybody wanted one! They were the car of the time. Today, it is the Huracan or Aventador that are turning heads, available in equally punchy colors including a rather attractive blu caelum. As a slightly smaller roadster model, this has become a popular vehicle out and about in the city as well as up in the hills.

The Most Beautiful Dream Cars You'll Want To DriveJaguar

The Jaguar oozes quality and luxury, and the shape will always be beautiful. Back in the 1960s, the E-Type coupe became one of the most popular high-end vehicles. This same model is still coveted by classic car enthusiasts today. These days, it’s the F-Type that appears to pull the crowds. If you really love Jaguars, it’s got to be classic models all the way. Gorgeous! Which is your dream car?


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