Men’s Hairstyles By Face Shape

Men’s Hairstyles By Face Shape

Men are becoming more fashionable by the year, and that includes getting cooler and more stylish haircuts.

However, a majority of men are still lagging on these trends. In fact, many women wish their boyfriends or husbands were more fashionable. Like men, women also appreciate a well-dressed, stylish guy. However, when it comes to their wardrobe, haircut, facial hair, or general sense of style, most guys are not as knowledgeable about fashion trends as women. Fortunately, there’s an easy way for you to improve your style and look good.

A guy’s haircut may be the easiest and cheapest aspect of his style to change. A skilled barber or stylist can turn your old cut into a trendy style fit for a model. The problem is – you don’t know about the best haircuts and which one is best for you.

Men’s Hairstyles By Face Shape

While it may seem simple to choose a great hairstyle, getting a modern cut and style isn’t just about the your hair. In fact, choosing the right haircut for men is all about shapes – specifically the shape of your face. Some guys have round, square, oblong, diamond, triangular, or oval faces, and therefore require a hairstyle that complements their shape.

For instance, oblong or oval face shapes are longer than they are wide. To offset this height, stylists recommend short haircuts that don’t add more length, such as a crew or buzz cuts. Moreover, this face shape doesn’t bode well with facial hair.

On the other hand, a diamond face shape features wide cheekbones and a defined chin. Because these faces are long and narrow, stylists suggest layered or thick, textured hairstyles like fringes, faux hawks, brush backs or a disconnected undercut with long hair on top.

To illustrate this, the experts at MHT put together this guide. See it below to find the best men’s haircut styles and ideas for 2017.

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