The Beauty of Mismatched Wedding Rings

The Beauty of Mismatched #Wedding Rings
The Beauty of Mismatched #Wedding Rings

One of the most exciting jewelry trends in the wedding ring industry has been the increased desire for creative, standout pieces. Most modern brides no longer want a basic white gold and diamond solitaire with a matching white gold wedding band. Instead, more and more people are getting interested in mixing metals and gems to create unique rings. This can be a great way for you to show off your style, but you do need to put a little more thought into your look. Here’s how you can make mismatched wedding rings look amazing. (Image Credit:  Marcus Lewis /Unsplash)

Always Pick One Ring to Be Your Primary Ring

When your rings are mismatched, it can look weird to have two massive, chunky rings or two tiny, barely-there rings stacked together. To build a complementary look, you need to start with your primary ring, and then select a supporting ring that works well with your first ring. For most people, the primary ring will be the engagement ring, which tends to have bigger stones. However, if your engagement ring was a low budget item, you may want to splurge and get a bigger wedding ring. By picking harmonious ring sizes, you make sure the set looks united even if they don’t match perfectly.

Blend Multiple Metals in One Ring

If you cannot decide between several metals, you can consider using all of them in your ring! When done in an elegant design, a multi-metal ring can look creative and stylish. Some wedding ring styles use thin strips of several metals twisted together, while others may use a different colored metal for an accent. If you pick this style for your ring, make sure you pick shades that match well. For example, tarnished silver can look lovely with warm gold, while pink hued rose gold can work well with the cool tones of platinum.

Switch Up Your Stones

An easy and elegant way to keep things from looking too matchy-matchy is to use different stone shapes. For example, you can do a square princess cut gem for your engagement ring, and tiny round stones for your wedding band. This creates a lot of visual interest while still providing an overall unified look. You can also add some variation in sizing, such as a cluster of three different stone sizes instead of a single, massive primary stone.

Select Complementary Styles

Do you have trouble picking from common styles of wedding bands for women like vintage, minimalist, or bohemian? When you commit to the mismatched style, you do not have to choose. The key to mixing different ring styles is to find ones that work well together. For example, the clean geometric shapes of an art deco engagement ring can work well with a minimalist wedding band, or the classic elegance of a traditional diamond solitaire can work well with a quirky leaf shaped band.

Don’t Be Afraid of Unconventional Options

When you aren’t going with a matching wedding band and engagement ring, a huge variety of styles becomes available. Consider unique finishes like rock hammered or matte metal, and look at less common settings like bezel and pave. By daring to be different, you can end up with rings that look eclectic and elegant instead of rings that just look like you accidentally grabbed the wrong piece from a boring, ordinary wedding ring set.

When you are not focused on matching wedding rings, you open yourself up to thousands of different options, so it is easy to create a one-of-a-kind look. What are some ways you might want to consider mixing up your wedding ring selections?

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