It’s Time For Style


What can be said about an outfit that contrasts a collection of rose gold-colored garments with jet black ones? What is the perfect occasion for attire like this? The better question might be “What occasion doesn’t this outfit suit?” This outfit is named “Time for Style.” Could there be a better-fitting name? No matter when or where you wear this outfit, you can be sure that you will be one of the most stylish people in the room.

Fitted Lace Shirt

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous lace shirt? This shirt belongs to Dolce & Gabbana’s newest season collection. In the photo, the shirt looks a bit sparkly, but in reality, it is made entirely of black fabric. Its lacy design looks almost like the shirt is covered in numerous black followers. This leaves some gaps in the fabric, so it is best to wear something under the shirt, like a camisole.

Apart from the fabric itself, one of the best parts of this shirt is the way it is fitted to hug the curves. The sleeves are also absolutely beautiful. The lace trails along every inch of this blouse, making it a stylish option to wear just about anywhere and for any occasion. Sophisticated and chic, you can’t go wrong here.


Ruched Pencil Skirt

This ruched pencil skirt by Alexandre Vauthier has a metallic rose gold sheen. This is a standard-length pencil skirt, reaching just down to the knees. It also flaunts a slim fit that hugs tightly to the wearer’s figure. The shine comes from a vast amount of small glass stone pieces that line the entire outside of the skirt. This makes the skirt look literally dazzling from any angle.

The inside of the skirt is made of a comfortable material, mostly composed of viscose. There is also a slight amount of elastane which helps to give the skirt some flexibility. However, it’s best to stick to as close to your size as possible, rather than depending on elasticity to make the skirt fit well.


Pointy Toe Pumps

These pointy toe pumps have the classic Louboutin style to them. The shoes have a dark glossy black coloring for the most part. Of course, they also have the classic red backing that helps to set the Louboutin brand apart from other heels. For the purposes of this outfit, the black pumps work to match the blouse with the rest of the outfit. However, for other fashion opportunities, you can also get the same style heels in a nude color, which would also match the other pieces of this outfit well.


Pink Alligator Bag

Reptile skin makes for some brilliant textures when it comes to all sorts of accessories, but especially when it comes to purses and clutches. Both the outside and the handle of this bag are made from dyed alligator skin. This outfit brings the bubblegum pink color into the limelight to match with the other pink items in the outfit. However, the bag also comes in a dark red and black style.


Rose Gold Watch

Lastly, this outfit finishes up with a rose gold and steel Rolex watch. The steel portions are made from stainless steel with the rose gold being 18k. The inside of the watch also features several premium diamonds. The watch tells both the time and the date; the date is shown where the 3rd-hour piece would usually be. This watch’s coloring matches the rest of the outfit wonderfully, but would also look great with any other pink, grey, or white-based outfits.


Final Thoughts

No matter when or where you wear this wonderful outfit, you are sure to capture the attention of those around you. Show your friends that you can dazzle in both black and pink—at the same time! Whether you choose to add one of these pieces or the entire outfit to your closet, you are sure to feel more fashionable for it.



Hannah Foreman
Hannah Jaehnig is a professional freelance creative writer. She has been writing professionally since 2014 and writing for entertainment for much longer! She has a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in History. She hopes to one day publish a fiction book. In the meantime, she’ll write about fashion!
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