Tanya Heath Paris Interchangeable Heels!
Tanya Heath Paris Interchangeable Heels!

TANYA HEATH Paris, a shoe store that originated in Paris, is now opening its first American location in Los Angeles, CA on one of the trendiest shopping districts in the city, Robertson Boulevard. The concept of TANYA HEATH Paris is about having an interchangeable heel while wearing the same pair of shoe. With an easy and revolutionary one-click method, TANYA HEATH Paris has created the world’s first multi-height shoe styles with removable heels bringing customization opportunities to those who wear the shoe.

Finally the interchangeable heel is here! Ladies you can mix and match your shoe to a large selection of unique heel heights and colors, that suit your comfort and your style wherever you may go. The perfect travel accessory, you only need to pack your favorite pair, and 3-5 different heels and you’re done!

The images of confident and playful feminine women always resonated with shoes styles designer Tanya and have been a guide for her throughout her career and family life. The TANYA HEATH Paris shoe collections feature timeless styles. Designed to empower, they affirm that women can soar to whatever heights they set their sights on!

Tanya Heath Paris Interchangeable Heels!

The heel is the fantasy! They are playful. The heels follow the latest fashion trends in color and allow you individual style. You are able to reflect being demure, practical, strong or sexy. Women today transcend traditional stereotypes in so many ways. The combinations between shoe, heel, style and color are endless. The TANYA HEATH Paris shoe collection adapts with you and the trademark click of each and every heel is art!

TANYA HEATH Paris created the world’s first shoe with multi-height interchangeable heels to customize and compliment any fashion statement at any moment. With the different heel collections, this design concept frees women to dress both functionally and fashionably – a rare but essential style combination.

TANYA HEATH Paris LA is located at 108 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.

Store Hours of Operation:

Mon- Friday: 11am-7pm

Saturday: 11am-6pm

Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Call Now! 323-533-9297

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Tanya Heath Paris Interchangeable Heels!

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