TAMPAX Pearl for Her

TAMPAX Pearl For Her

Today, Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) Tampax, the leading tampon brand worldwide, introduced Tampax Pocket Pearl, a new pocket-sized option of Tampax Pearl for on-the-go girls who want stylish protection that fits right in the palms of their hands. According to a recent survey of tampon users, 95% of girls agree that their period should never prevent them from experiencing life – and Tampax agrees. The product is the latest addition to a full line of tampon options designed to meet girls’ different and changing feminine care needs to help ensure their periods never keep girls from participating in and enjoying amazing experiences.

 “One in every two girls believes their period holds them back from certain activities. We know that any day can turn into an adventure for girls, and we want to make sure nothing stands in their way, especially their periods,” said Amanda Hill, Tampax Brand Director. “With help from a panel of teen girls, we designed Tampax Pocket Pearl to offer stylish, pocket-sized discretion with the same superior protection and comfort they know and trust from the full-size Tampax Pearl. Girls can now have power over their periods and feel ready for adventures that come their way any day of the month.”

TAMPAX Pearl For Her On the outside, Tampax Pocket Pearl is taking period protection in a new stylish direction with four wrapper designs that were co-created by teen girls with a passion for fashion. They decided on new looks based on the latest pattern, color, graphic and runway trends – because periods should never cramp girls’ styles. The new soft wrappers offer a perforated edge for easy opening with quiet & discreet technology. Importantly for girls on-the-go, Tampax Pocket Pearl fits into the palms of their hands and takes up little room in even their smallest handbags for convenience and discretion.

 However, for many girls, period protection matters most. In fact, the number one concern among tampon users when it comes to buying a compact tampon is not having enough protection against leaks. Tampax Pocket Pearl offers the same protection as the full-size Tampax Pearl tampon, but has a compact applicator, so worrying about leaks will be a thing of the past. It is the ONLY compact tampon with the unique Built-In Backup™ Braid designed to send fluid back into the core, providing protection in a way some tampons don’t. This extra layer of protection helps capture leaks that would normally bypass other tampons, keeping fluid locked into the core. New Tampax Pocket Pearl also features FormFit™technology to better eliminate the gaps that cause leaks and give girls an extra layer of protection so they can stay clean, dry, confident and ready for any adventure.

 The launch of Tampax Pocket Pearl also marks the start of the new Tampax global campaign aiming to encourage girls to answer the question ‘What Does Life Look Like?’ The new campaign will extend across TV and print advertising, public relations efforts and online properties, including the brand’s revamped website, and keep an eye out for the new product hitting shelves across the nation this month. For more information on the new Tampax Pocket Pearl tampon visit Tampax.com or Facebook.com/Tampax.

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