Tactics to Help Products Look Luxurious and Expensive

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Everyone knows that most retailers have ways of making their products look more luxurious and expensive. They also use tricks and tactics to ensure that they entice people into their store. If you don’t feel as though your product does this or if you want to try and convince your customers that your product is in fact luxury, then this is the guide for you.

Logo and Branding

Believe it or not, logo design conveys a message about your brand. It also indicates to all of your customers how much you have actually invested in your brand and that you also care about your image. If you happen to settle for a design that is generally rushed or just not reflective of what your business offers, then you will be telling your customers that this is what your company represents. This is the last thing that you need, so make sure that you put in the work to make sure that your branding conveys luxury. When you create a product, try and make sure that you put a lot of time into the physical design as well as the digital design. Ultimately, your logo needs to be seamless across every aspect of your company.

Therefore, working with a professional designer is imperative. If you are located in Brisbane, finding a quality logo design company should be fairly easy. However, not all Brisbane based logo designers are created equal. Make sure that you thoroughly do your research, so that you can find a designer who will be able to craft something unique and luxurious for your product.


Subliminal cues in packaging can also tell your customers whatever they need to know about the quality that your product has to offer. Luxurious goods tend to have packaging that is more pared-back. They also use sharp colors that are often linked to luxury and extravagance. This could include black, silver, white or gold. Even if you opt for a more proprietary color for your brand, it does help to make sure that you understand the basic aspects of color theory as this will help you to get the best result out of your product in general. The materials that you use will also send a strong message. Compare a wooden box against one that is made out of plastic or even cardboard, and you will see how powerful your materials can be.


Language has an incredibly strong influence when you look at how your customers see your product. If you look at Starbucks for example, they do not sell their products in small, medium or even large. Instead, they focus on tall, grande and venti. This was done to try and evoke some of the romance that comes with Italian coffee shops. It also takes customers away from the more Americanized experience. Premium buzzwords will help you out a lot here as well. Of course, if you want to capitalize on this, then you can always explore the idea of an influencer marketplace. The great thing about an influencer marketplace is that it allows you to hire top people for your ads so that you can convey the same language across the board without compromising your brand image.


The general quality of your product visuals will tell your customer everything that they need to know about what your product has to offer. If you can create a good impression with a good photo, then a lot of buyers will forgive the environment where your products are being sold. For example, most premium alcoholic spirits tend to be sold in supermarkets and they are not as trendy or as luxurious when presented in this format. That being said, if you have solid branding and photography then you can transport your buyer into a new world, and this will help them to see it in a completely different light.

Amateur shots of your luxurious goods will not help you to achieve the status you want. Professional pictures of average offerings will help the end result to appear more appealing and higher in quality. Restaurants are a prime example of this, where perfectly good food can be made to look unappetizing through badly lit and shiny menu pictures. That being said, fast-food giants often pay thousands to expert food photographers. This helps them to make even the greasiest meals look amazing.


If you are trying to occupy some kind of premium space, then you need to limit the options available. If you offer a high-end option and a low-end option, then you stop your customers from having to worry about which one is better. They’ll be more inclined to opt for products that look luxurious and expensive, and this can help them to feel satisfied with the selection that they have made, so keep that in mind.

This will help you to make more sales and it will rocket the impression your customers have of you.

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