Small Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Small Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #hairhealthy #hairloss #curlyhair #hairdryers
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Looking after your hair can prevent it becoming thin and dull. You could even prolong greying and hair loss. Just how can you keep your hair healthy? Below are a few small ways to look after your hair.

Use the right shampoo

Certain types of shampoo could actually be better for your hair. Chemicals like sulfate are commonly used in shampoo to help with cleaning, but can cause damage in the long run – switching to a sulfate-free shampoo could protect your hair. When choosing the right shampoo, it’s also worth considering your hair type – there are certain shampoos that are healthier for curly hair or colored hair or those that get dandruff. You can research these shampoos online.

Turn the shower heat down

Too much heat can cause your hair to lose its elasticity and become brittle. This is why hair dryers and hair straighteners typically aren’t good for our hair, and should only be used sparingly. However, it’s not just these implements that can damage our hair, but also hot water from the shower. When it comes to rinsing your hair, it may be better to turn down the heat slightly – a cooler wash will still clean your hair, while keeping it healthier by not affecting the keratin levels in it. 

Use a swimming cap when swimming

Do you go swimming regularly? Whether you swim in a chlorinated pool or the sea, it’s worth wearing a swimming cap. Chlorine and saltwater can both damage your hair (chlorine strips out oils, while saltwater dries out the scalp). By wearing a swimming cap, you can stop your hair getting wet and protect it from damage. Swimming caps can also prevent water getting into your ears and may even prevent ear infections as a result. 

Consume seeds and nuts daily

What is the best food you can eat to keep your hair healthy? There are many foods loaded with nutrients that are necessary for our hair such as salmon, spinach and egg. However, seeds and nuts probably have the best mix of nutrients. Not only are they a food source of protein (which is important for our hair’s growth), but they also contain lots of vitamin E, zinc and selenium to help keep our hair strong. Such nutrients may even help to prevent/delay hair loss. You can incorporate these foods into meals, or eat them as a snack throughout the day. 

Use a silk pillow

The most common cause of split ends is friction – and a lot of this friction occurs while we are tossing and turning on a pillow. Silk is known to be one of the softest fabrics. It’s so soft that it practically creates no friction. As a result, you’re less likely to wake up with bed hair, and your hair is less likely to become damaged. Silk pillows have other advantages such as staying cool in summer and keeping your skin soft. Consider buying yourself one and see what difference it makes. 

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