Runway Fashion: Vaishali Fashion Week 2022

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Vaishali Runway Fashion Week 2022


The Vaishali Runway Fashion show this year, featured couture, top of the line textiles and quality silk embellished gowns and dresses. An event not easily forgotten as the gowns showed hand woven intricate styles with lots of labor of love. Featured by Totem Fashion, a Parisian art and fashion press and public relations, Vaishali is a designer worth knowing. Furthermore, her brand started in 2001 after she realized being a trainer at a gym did not work for her. Apart from this, she came from a challenging background, running away from her hometown, Vidisha, Madua Pradesh, India in 1997. She is the second Indian designer, but very first Indian woman designer to join the Paris Fashion week. The first one being Rahul Mishra 2 years ago. Truly, a pride of India and women in the fashion industry! Let us now look at 5 unforgettable looks from the gorgeous Vaishali.

BLACK GOWN (Pictured Above)

The first amazing Vaishali creation here is this black Gown midi dress which features a folded textured top above the chest, a middle feather like covering on the breast which connects to a flowing cloth. The middle accent has 3 differing textiles. flowing as you walk by, giving such a dramatic effect. Additionally, the skirt has a striped slanted drape and the other half of the bottom has black tassels dangling from the dress. Truly a one of a kind black dress that is far from basic. Wear this to a make a big difference at a black themed formal gathering and you will still stand out with the gown’s details and textures.


Vaishali Shadangule Couture Fashion Runway 2022 Bevery Hills Magazine 1 #fashion #shop #style #Vaishali #VaishaliFashionRunway2022 #gowns #dresses #couture #highfashion #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills

The next feminine, ethereal and dreamy artwork from Vaishali is this white silk netted dress with baby pink hues. It features a flowy textured top with lines on the shoulders extending outwards, making a fan like effect. Moreover, the vertical lines on the semi see through fabric give the illusion of a slimmer waist. The lines on the hips going lower to the skirt are horizontal, accentuating the hips and butt area. Finally, the last accent of this dress that gives its fantastical look is the floral belt and the floral head dress at the side. This ensemble makes you look like a fairy from Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, a look you cannot forget!


Vaishali Shadangule Couture Fashion Runway 2022 Bevery Hills Magazine 1 #fashion #shop #style #Vaishali #VaishaliFashionRunway2022 #gowns #dresses #couture #highfashion #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills

The third eye catching and multi hued dress is this Purple cape mini dress with tones of apricot, yellow and red. Made of the finest and softest silk for the cape, this dress is not just powerful but gives a tone of delicacy as well. It features a textured purple with hints of light orange cape with pink, red yellow and burgundy tassels at the bottom. Furthermore, the same bottom part of the caps is used as a belt. Made of thicker fabric is the mini dress underneath the cape. I can imagine this dress being worn by any royalty! You can either pair it with dark ballet flats as shown on the model or give it more enchantment with embellished stilettos.


Vaishali Shadangule Couture Fashion Runway 2022 Bevery Hills Magazine 4 #fashion #shop #style #Vaishali #VaishaliFashionRunway2022 #gowns #dresses #couture #highfashion #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills

The forth elegant yet bold midi gown we present to you here is this gorgeous Turquoise shawl midi dress. Made from the same fine textile and silk, the feel of this dress is light and soft on the body. Similarly, its textures of lines and drapes are of the same quality as all the dresses we featured so far. As you will see, this dress is a spaghetti strap mini dress covered by a fine see through draping silk. In addition to that, a blue broach connects the shawl in place in the middle of the dress while the rest of the sheer fabric circles and drapes giving this dress a fabulous texture like no other!


Vaishali Shadangule Couture Fashion Runway 2022 Bevery Hills Magazine 5 #fashion #shop #style #Vaishali #VaishaliFashionRunway2022 #gowns #dresses #couture #highfashion #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills

The fifth and last jaw dropping gown we have here is this very intricate Indigio maxi dress. The first thing you will notice in this gown is its feathery collar with such intricate detailing, textures and openings that extends to the chest;  just like the first black gown’s chest area. Comparable to the previous turquoise masterpiece, it also has a circle forming drape of fine silk in the mid-left area of the dress. Furthermore, slanted lines on the slanted skirt add to the mesmerizing look of this dress. Lastly, you will see hues of floral baby pink on the dress behind the sheer silk.

5 stunningly beautiful Indian creations that every royalty must look at! Vaishali’s Indian roots has also made her such a talented and sought after designer today. Look at her website for more clothing, including sarees. To see more Haute Couture gowns from our magazine visit here.

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