Roses That Last a Year

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Do you ever wonder why you always see flowers anywhere you go? Even in the corner, can you find one? Do you think people wander around to find good-looking soil, plant the seed, water it regularly and grow a flower? No, that’s not how you get a flower and cut it when it blooms. Some people may go to a florist and buy some. Daisies, Sunflowers, Orchids, Lilies, wildflowers, name it, they are just everywhere. The answer is simple: flowers don’t need a specific reason to exist and give off happiness. They are suitable for any occasion and hold deep meaning depending on the people. Flowers like roses are appreciated anytime and any place. Some of the occasions where they are present are:

  • birthdays
  • parties
  • anniversaries
  • Valentine’s Day
  • weddings
  • graduations
  • a congratulatory token
  • on a candle-lit dinner
  • funerals
  • simple home or shop decor

Flowers are everywhere. Well, who’s to blame? Flowers give a good ambiance in the atmosphere anywhere when you see one. They offer beauty and a great aura to someone, somewhere.

Isn’t it romantic? Especially when you received one from someone special? Receiving flowers from someone, acquaintance or not, is always highly appreciated. Flowers are not just a simple thing you can think of as a gift, but they also have meanings. It shows feeling, passion, affection, appreciation, and even love.

When you look on the internet about the most popular flower, it will show bunches of them, but there is a certain one that always stands out in the crowd. From the tiny-pointy thorns, dark green strong-long stems, all the way up to the magnificent beauty when the flower blooms, and yes, you got right, it’s none other than the roses.

Roses That Last a Year: Colors and Meanings

One of the most significant reasons the rose is the most popular flower is its association with love. Any place in the world has this whole special day centered on giving roses as gifts. Valentine’s Day is not the only holiday where the rose is appropriate and appreciated. Anytime you want to show your love to someone, you can give them a rose. Be it a date or anniversaries.

In addition to its association with romance, the rose has many other things going for it. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different kinds of roses. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Each color of rose comes with its meaning.

  • Red roses – passionate love. It has always been a popular gift to a romantic partner.
  • Pink – romance and happiness.
  • Peach roses – modesty and appreciation.
  • White roses – innocence and purity.
  • Lavender roses – love at first sight.
  • Yellow roses – love between friends.
  • Coral roses – desire.

Roses That Last a Year Popularity

Of course, these are not the only reasons for its popularity. The scent of the rose is also remarkable and liked by many. It has a distinct aroma from other flowers used in scented candles, soaps, and perfumes. And lastly, some people may not know, the rose is an edible flower. Of course, it’s not recommended to eat roses you purchased from a florist. However, it is good and usually used in food decoration, like cakes. There is a lot to love and very little not to like about the rose. But all of these pretty faces, flowers also wither and die.

When receiving a bouquet of roses or buying bunches of roses in a florist for your home decor, the common thing to do is put it in vases with a bit of water so that it will last for a couple of days or weeks. However, eventually, it will still wilt and die. The moment they are cut from their roots, the roses are slowly dying. It will on take a few days or weeks before they fall apart and fail. Some people worldwide might have this idea or tradition of getting flowers weekly to make their home lovely and cozy. And before they know it, they will be in the trash bins and spend another penny on flowers, which is a waste of money and effort. This cycle might get them thinking that maybe they need to buy a forever rose, an eternity rose, that would last a whole year and not require them to water regularly. Some people are terrible at keeping their plants alive, but luckily for those who love plants and flowers, there are things like roses that last a year.

These types of roses last for at least twelve months and don’t need any high-cost maintenance. Roses that last a year are thoroughly preserved, so they don’t fall apart after a couple of days or a whole week. This technique depends on who maintains it because it requires dehydrating the flower and putting some solutions or chemicals inside the flower that keep it looking great and beautiful for months and years to come.

There are a lot of brands you can find online. If you don’t have enough time to visit their physical store or if you are overseas, offer these forever roses. Think, if you purchased these eternity roses, you don’t have to think of a better flower arrangement because it is perfectly arranged for you. Put gorgeously inside an acrylic case for a modern and trendy spin on a trend. Roses are a delight to see, even in any spot inside the house or in establishments. And, of course, roses that last a year are available in different color options.

It’s good to know what color you want. This way, it can save time and money while achieving the aesthetic or theme you are going for.

Flowers clean the air. According to studies, flowers can help remove harmful toxins from the air and even improve a night’s rest, as they release a load of oxygen. So, it’s not only that they look fresh, they freshen the air as well. But nothing more life-saving as of the moment, but saving money, time, and effort. Buying roses that last a year is your best option to keep you from spending too much on flowers.

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