Protecting Luxury Property: 7 Security Measures

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Every type of property should have measures in place to protect people and physical items from would-be intruders or burglars. If you own a luxury property, it’s even more essential to take preventive measures to keep it safe.

Living on a luxury property has its benefits, but one drawback is that it opens you up to the risk of being a victim of theft or personal injury. Whether it’s a mansion in the Hollywood Hills or a penthouse in Manhattan, these homes are vulnerable to criminal invasions.

In 2019, Statista reported that burglary was the third most common type of crime across the United States. Because of how common these instances are, it’s crucial for homeowners, especially those with high-end properties, to take security measures to deter criminals from committing these acts.

Here are some security measures that will help you avoid instances of home burglary or invasion.

1. Install Security Lighting

Those looking to break into a home to steal valuable items or commit a violent act often want to do so in the dark. It makes it challenging for law enforcement or homeowners to identify any distinguishing characteristics of a criminal, making it easier to enter a property illegally.

Bright security lighting can deter criminals from even entering your property. Their attempts become riskier, as it’s easier to be spotted by people inside the home or even neighbors. It’s crucial to make sure your home is well-lit, among other measures. You can also consider using motion-detecting lights, so if someone does trigger the sensor, you’ll immediately catch them in the act.

2. Use High-Tech Security Cameras

Installing high-tech security cameras around your property can act as a criminal deterrent. When people see they’re being recorded, they’re less likely to commit any illegal acts.

Aside from being a deterrent, security cameras capture all activity going on outside your property. These recordings can be useful if someone breaks into your home while you’re out or away on vacation. You can bring these videos to law enforcement and show neighbors to help catch the thief.

3. Build a High-Quality Fence

Thousands, if not millions, of homes worldwide, use fencing to prevent thieves from entering the property. Fencing makes it more physically challenging for would-be criminals to access your home. There are various types of fences that can be used for extra home security.

One of the most effective types of fencing is an anti-climb fence. It’s nearly impossible for criminals to climb, open or jump over, thus preventing them from gaining access to your home. Get in touch with Viking Rental if you consider installing one for additional security.

4. Arm Your Home

While not every homeowner is trained in using a weapon, arming your home is one viable security measure you should consider. It’s common for homeowners to keep a gun safely stored in their home in case of emergencies.

Any weapon should be locked up, and all homeowners should practice safe weapon practices to prevent accidental injuries or fatalities. There are different types of guns that are best suited for home defense. For example, pistols and shotguns are good options for those looking to protect their home from intruders.

It’s recommended that you do your due diligence and learn about gun safety. Consider practicing on a shooting range to work on your aim and make sure you feel comfortable using a weapon during emergencies.

5. Avoid Leaving Valuables on Display

You likely have some high-end, expensive items that criminals would love to get their hands on. Anything that has value should be kept out of sight. Be sure to keep your valuables stored in a safe place. If your home has large windows, it’s easier for would-be criminals to see what they could steal.

Be sure you have a quality safe to store jewelry, cash, and any other valuables. If someone were to enter your home illegally, they’d be looking for things to steal to bring to a pawn shop or sell online. Protect your most valuable items by keeping them locked away.

6. Hire Trained Security Guards

Depending on your budget and property details, it may be wise for you to hire security guards to protect your home. Having trained and trustworthy guards can give you a sense of security that no piece of equipment can provide.

Consider hiring professionals who can step in during emergencies, home invasions, or violent incidents with criminals. Guards also serve as a viable deterrent — criminals may be less inclined to enter your property when they see people outside the perimeter of your property.

7. Purchase a Home Alarm System

Last but not least, you must purchase a home security system that can alert you to any unwelcome intruders. Smart home security systems with advanced technology improve each year and make homes much more secure from criminals.

There are plenty of home security systems on the market that can grant you peace of mind, especially if no one is home or you’re away for an extended period. Be sure only to share your alarm codes with family members, as you never know who could be out to steal valuables.

Remember these seven security measures as you work on protecting your home from any instances of crime. Whether it’s arming yourself or using extra lighting, it’s always worth the money to keep your luxury property safe.

Keep Your Luxury Property Secure

The average homeowner wants to protect their assets, but those living in luxury homes need to take extra precautions. It’s critical to employ some of these measures to secure your property and prevent being the victim of a crime. Use the latest technology, like lighting, cameras, and home security systems, to deter criminals from entering your home illegally.

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