Beverly Hills Beauty Treatments To The Stars By Sculptery

Beverly Hills Beauty Treatments To The Stars By Sculptery: #bevhills #bevhillsmag #beautytreatment #sarahelazis #sculptery
Beverly Hills Beauty Treatments To The Stars By Sculptery: #bevhills #bevhillsmag #beautytreatment #sarahelazis #sculptery

Whether a gift or some extra self-love! Let us introduce you to Sculptery; an amazing hidden gem located in Beverly Hills and celebrity-loved beauty business offering a lymphatic massage and body contouring spa, made famous by its owner, Sarah Elazis.

The self-proclaimed “Madam Snatched” earned her name due to her results in having her clients feeling snatched and healthy in no time! And it’s no wonder, as she is the original wood & ice body sculpting specialist to the stars from Jordin Sparks, Jojo, Telli Swift, and so many more. She is truly one of a kind.

Along with Elazis’ in-house services, her products work wonders to help get your body feeling TIGHT!

We welcome you in for a service, and schedule an interview with Elazis, and can send products your way if you can’t make it in.

Snatchsicle Sea Quartz Versatile Beauty Treatment – $45.00

A treatment that is full of powerful ingredients that not only tone & slim the body, but are super rich in collagen & stimulate Fibroblast production in the skin. It helps with strengthening the elastin in the skin and tightens the skin while helping reduce the sogginess. Completely great for anti-aging and reducing inflammation in the skin.

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Sculptery Snatchsicle HOURGLASSED BODY OIL – $40.00

Purchase this jar, and Sculptery will fill the jar up for free. It is body cream transformed into an oil when massaged into the skin. This body cream is full of rare herbs and essential oils to tighten loose skin, reduce cellulite and stretch marks, and so much more! Honestly, this is the one body oil that is great for everyone’s stocking!

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Sculptery Service – from $150+

Perhaps surprising your person with a Sculptery service! Sculptery provides a popular 60-minute treatment that sculpts different parts of the body. Depending on which part that you want to sculpt for that tight silhouette. Choose from multiple services, and there is one that can surely fit your desired needs.


A unique technique developed from the fusion of wood techniques from Egypt, Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand. SCULPTERYWood uses instruments that are specifically adapted to each part of the body to sculpt and tone the skin.

While it helps you to get the perfect body shape you want, it also increases blood circulation, collagen & elastin production.

Besides, first-time clients get complimentary consultations to plan how to reach their body goals quicker. Go for SCULPTERYWood treatment if you want cellulite reduction, contoured waistline, and lifted buttocks enhancement.

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A non-invasive organic method of toning, slimming, and Sculpting the face: SCULPTERYIce slows down the aging process and burns fat cells.

The ice used contains essential oils, organic herbs, fatty oils, and clays; these unique ingredients are anti-inflammatory and help decelerate the aging process.

To reduce acne and hyperpigmentation, go for SCULPTERYIce. You are guaranteed results within a short period, and in no time, you will be rocking your desired body shape. Visit lovesculptery to book your first consultation.

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