Pretty Pastel Style

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When you are shopping for in style semi-casual yet classy fashion, this is a good pick. It combines heels and leather with fun pastels. The trick to this style is its timelessness. Selecting these clothes as your new styles is the perfect kick off to the summer or spring season.

First, start with this beautiful in style top. This is a style that you can wear to the office. Or, like the picture, you can pair it with jeans. Ultimately, such a versatile piece should be in your fashion repertoire. You can never regret a shirt that is well made and will virtually never go out of style.

Next, don the pastel jeans. Jeans might not be office appropriate except on casual Friday. However, they make great new styles of pants to lounge or shop in. You can always run errands in jeans. You will see many of the women in Beverly Hills with their clutches and pastel jeans ready to take on spring.

Then, you should pair these clothes with some nude sandals. Dressy sandals that have well made materials will last you a long time. You will want to look for some ankle support like the round belt. The toe just peeks out of this pair. There is even an extra buckle to make sure you don’t fall out of the shoes. It is imperative to look for this level of quality when choosing a summer sandal.

Finally, the fashion world needs a great leather bag, preferably one that matches the shoes. This ensemble looks tidy and pulled together with a fashionable bag. There are many style magazine worthy choices to shop in the fashion world in a fashion blog or a fashion magazine, so select one that will carry your important documents as well as your wallet.

Finding a cute outfit these days is more accessible than ever. It doesn’t even require a shopping trip to the store as you can look at a fashion blog or a fashion magazine for inspiration. If you go with light and airy colors such as these, you will look like you stepped out of a page of a style magazine.


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