My Fashion Dream Style

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This style straight from Beverly Hills is outrageous. It seems more like a vision than an actual set of clothes. But yet shopping dreams do come true. The colors are sharp and the strong 70’s vibes linger in the design. The in style ensemble is truly a fashion dream style come true.

First, shop for a dress like this. The bright colors offset the classic black print in these new styles of dresses. Find this dress in a fabric that you feel you were made to wear. Search for such inspired clothes in a fashion blog or style magazine. It will make your shopping a lot easier if you know what type of dress that you are looking for. The fashion world offers many splashy new styles like this one. Go with the orange theme to stay with the fashion of the outfit.

Next, pair it with orange suede sandals. You will feel that the high heel gives the style some levity. Look for heels that are at least two inches, and if you’re bold, go with three or more. A fashion blog or style magazine will give you a good idea of what is out there. The women in Beverly Hills love unique sandals such as these, and you can see them bringing out pairs like these for spring.

Finally, go with a crocodile skin orange clutch. Not only is the bright print in style, but you will find so many uses for a clutch this color in bringing out the aura of other outfits. The latest style magazine should show you what’s currently on the market for shopping. However, be advised that crocodile skin bags in these color are rare and need to be hunted for.

Now that you’ve found what’s in style to shop for, you have completed the fashion dream. Hopefully, you find companions for your adventures that love taking pictures to commemorate your evening in the catchy look.



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