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In a dynamic and fluid world, every business needs access to highly skilled and experienced workers. For many small businesses, using traditional staffing services doesn’t make sense. These services come with a significant cost and a long lead time. Staffers aren’t available when needed the most. Plus, there is often not a dedicated HR team to help address business needs in Tampa.

A new generation of talent management has emerged. This model focuses on maximizing efficiency, productivity, and engagement. One of the prime drivers for businesses in Tampa, Florida, and beyond to invest in this type of solution is flexibility. Businesses now have the option of only hiring workers on an as-needed basis.

They can also adjust staff size during project peaks and troughs. However, is that all there is to this service? What really sets online flexible staffing platforms in Tampa apart from their traditional counterparts?

Talent Management Made Simple

What is flexible staffing? For starters, it is a way to augment a workforce with skilled talent when needed. Clearly, it can be a cost-effective approach for businesses that don’t have the budget to hire full-time staff. Having flexibility at its core, employers can enjoy the benefits of having an agile, dynamic, and engaged team.

When it comes to talent management, flexible staffing is the perfect solution for businesses with seasonal needs. Platforms in this field, such as Upshift, deliver on all the traditional promises associated with human capital. Basically, employers have access to the best and brightest as these providers leverage a full range of recruitment services, whether it be part-time or full-time.

Staffing platforms undertake all the administrative responsibilities of managing a workforce. They handle all the logistics and paperwork, including employment verification and payroll management. This frees up time and resources as businesses can focus more on core competencies. A recent report from Deloitte also shows that flexible staffing can:

  • Lower staff retention costs
  • Optimize HR Practices
  • Help companies achieve their business objectives
  • Generate more revenue based on a high productivity level
  • Provide a competitive edge in the market

One of the best things about online flexible staffing services is that they are cost-effective. This stands in sharp contrast with traditional recruitment agencies.

Flexible Staffing Potential Impact on Tampa’s Labor Market

Tampa’s talent pool can provide great employment opportunities for employers. According to U.S. News, the city’s unemployment rate was 7.2% in 2020, slightly lower than the national average of 8.1%. With this figure, the city needs a workforce that can meet its talent needs. And flexible staffing can play a major role in this regard.

The Upshift model works by offering a diverse range of services. They include:

  • Temporary recruitment: Providing short-term help with temporary staffing solutions
  • Contract recruitment: Delivering temporary help with contract employment
  • Managed services: Managing day-to-day tasks to ensure a seamless transition

Upshift boasts the right staff for Tampa’s business community. The expert provides a high level of service, increasing productivity and securing the business environment. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Industries with a High Demand for Flexible Staffing

There’s a growing demand for flexible staffing in Tampa and its surrounding area, one of the reasons being the talent gap. Hence, it’s becoming more common for companies to seek staff augmentation. In fact, over one-third of HR professionals use this approach to help businesses reach their full potential. Key industries that are turning to flexible staffing are:

Administrative Support

Sectors within this category include secretarial, clerical, customer service, and marketing. Those employed include receptionists, call centre agents, salespeople, personal assistants, and office administrators. It’s no doubt that they have crucial roles in driving productivity. As a result, they are in high demand today. Basic desk skills, strong communication, and multitasking abilities are some of the requirements employers look for.

Warehouses and Manufacturing

The use of flexible staffing solutions for the warehouse and manufacturing sector is widespread. It offers a safe environment where workers can use their talents in a productive and efficient way. As per statistics, warehouse workers in Tampa are in demand. From data entry (inventory) to material handling, companies offer a broad range of jobs in the area to ensure smooth production cycles that meet market demands.

Events Catering and Food Service

Events catering has become a significant industry in Tampa. From weddings to funerals, businesses need to provide high-quality food and service to guests. This calls for professionals like chefs, event planners, banquet managers, and waitresses. Part-time job seekers consider this sector when scouting around for flexible work schedules. A good work ethic, communication skills, and excellent delivery are some of the requirements.

Cultural Attractions and Convention Centers

Tampa offers plenty of options for tourists looking to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. From museums and theatres to restaurants and historic sites, the city caters to every aspect of tourism. A strong tourist industry results in higher sales and growing demand for qualified workers. From serving tourists to managing cash registers, this sector is open to job seekers with flexible schedules.

How Flexible Staffing Platforms Recruit the Best Workforce

Staffing platforms use a variety of strategies to find the best talent for their hiring needs. To begin with, they create job descriptions and conduct personality tests. Next, they screen candidates for the right blend of skills, experience, and qualifications. Upshift’s strict policy regarding this phase implies that only 12% of applicants are approved. Finally, the system connects top-tier candidates to employers; this is where the magic starts.

A successful match allows the business to get an edge over its competitors. In other words, they can create a bigger pool of available talent within the target market; this is one of the primary reasons flexible staffing is so popular. As implemented by Upshift, this approach gives the staffing platform a job success rate of 95.6%, unlike the industry’s average of 42%. It proves indispensable to employers with fluctuating hiring requirements.


The growing demand for flexible staffing in Tampa gives recruiters and businesses reasons to celebrate. It has become the solution to a variety of challenges that plague this market. Upshift’s model is a great example of how talent management is becoming a key solution for business success. In fact, it’s the perfect fit for those in Tampa who have flexible time commitments.

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