5 Ways to Invest in Your Sleep This Year

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Getting quality sleep requires effort and consideration into the factors that affect your sleep. Exposure to high amounts of artificial light can disrupt our sleep cycles and make getting the rest we need difficult. However, slowly the science around our sleep has come up with solutions to manage this critical part of our lives. We need to create ways to induce sleep through healthy means, and here are five ways to invest in your sleep this year.

1. Find The Right Sheets

The pursuit of happiness in our sleep begins with the money we spend on our bedding, mattresses, and pillows. Stock up on the essentials for the best sleep and consider getting a hybrid mattress for maximum comfort! If we go for cheap options, we feel scratchy and overheated. Ditch the synthetic and microfiber sheets and upgrade to organic cotton. You should treat your skin like a baby and go with the softest, most comfortable options. Your sleep, and your work-life balance, count on it!

Many people think they can get by with just one or two sheet sets, but with only two options, you will wash your sheets more often, which will ruin the delicate fabric quickly.

2. Purchase Noise-canceling Headphones

Listening to noise from the outside can be painfully distracting for those who have trouble sleeping. Sometimes, even earplugs aren’t enough. In these cases, you need something more substantial to block out sounds when you’re trying to sleep — something like noise-canceling headphones.

With a pair of high-quality noise-canceling headphones, you can effectively block out sounds and get the quiet sleep you need. You can even find noise-canceling earbuds if you don’t want to sleep with something bulky over your ears. Invest in noise-canceling components to get the sleep you deserve.

3. Get A Smart Alarm Clock

There are now alarm clocks for sale that mimic circadian rhythms and the rise and fall of the sun. An alarm clock like this will help you sleep more easily and make you feel like you’re ready to wake up in the morning instead of feeling like you’re half-asleep.

Rather than dreading the sound of your standard alarm clock, you can wake up to the sun, as nature intended. The more that you incorporate ways to bring back natural circadian rhythms, the more effective your sleep cycle will become over time. A smart alarm clock can be the first step in this direction.

4. Purchase Aromatherapeutic Components

You might also want to invest in an essential oil diffuser or a slow-burn candle to keep your bedroom smelling fresh. Aromatherapy can be a great way to induce sleep, so filling your room with comforting smells may help you get the slumber you need. You can also look for pillow sprays with calming scents to settle into rest.

5. Get Blackout Shades

Keeping your bedroom dark will make it easier to sleep, giving you the ability to wake up feeling refreshed each day. To block out the noise and light from outside, invest in blackout shades.

There are usually some aspects of lighting that are impossible to block out when you sleep. With blackout curtains, you can take care of most of this light, if not all of it, and sleep like a caveman.

The Bottom Line

Getting enough sleep is critical for living a healthy and balanced life. Feeling rested in the morning allows you to be at your best throughout the day. The tools you use to improve your sleep quality play a crucial role in the process. Consider the above suggestions for ways to invest in your sleep and make this year your best yet for rest!

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