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Maybach Exelero Sports Coupe

Owning a Maybach Exelero Sports Coupe is a matter of great prestige.  This magnificent piece of work is available in limited edition; as only 10 vehicles have been manufactured and is among the most expensive cars in the world. The first Maybach model was built in the late 1930s as a test car for Fulda.

In 2005, this one-off customized car was launched in Tempodrom, Berlin, and now ranks on top among many people’s dream cars. However, due to it being one of the most expensive cars, it is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry and only those who can afford VIP style cars can buy it.

Maybach Exelero Sports Coupe is built by Stola in Turin. It is outrageous in everything including appearance, performance and price. This is the kind of dream car you wouldn’t want to let go of.


This high-performance matchless sports coupe has 700 hp (522 kW), is a two-seater and has twin turbo V12 specifications are listed below.

Weight: 5,864 pounds

Length: 19.3 feet

Width: 7.02 feet

Tires: 315/25 ZR 23 Fulda Exelero

Top speed : 218 mph (351.45 km/h)

Fuel used for top speed test: 110 octanes

Engine: 5.9 Bi-Turbo V12 (from Maybach 57 S) 700 hp (SAE)

0-62 mph in 4.4 seconds
A competition was held to design this car among students at Pforzheim Polytechnic Department of Transport Design; they had previously designed vehicles for Fulda; Fredrik Burchhard is the man behind the designing of Maybach Excelero Sports Coupe. He was merely 24 year old when he came up with this masterpiece.  The entire project was coordinated in Sindelfingen with Mayback design centre.

Based on ‘Maybach 57 limousine’, the project had required a huge amount of re-engineering which included shifting the A-pillar and the doors while relocation was required for steering column, pedals and gearshift

To meet benchmark for 550- BHP, v12 engine has been arranged for 5.9 liters; with tuning for 700 BHP and 738 Lb. ft. of torque. This splendid model is equipped with a full-spec interior that including leather, aluminum, neoprene, and the carbon fibre finishing.

Outrageous Appearance and Performance

Maybach Dream Cars
Maybach Dream Cars

What comes to your mind when you hear the name of Maybach? Since 1997 Maybach has been owned by a German company ‘Mercedes Benz’ which is a renowned manufacturer of luxury cars. This car has been designed in a unique way to meet the demand of those who just want the best.

This piece of beauty has sharp features and colors that will not make you blink you eye. It looks solid and can leave anyone behind in a race.

This has been produced in collaboration with Fulda which is a well-know tire brand. The company came up with brand new cars so that Maybach could look better and give a higher performance. This has truly surpassed all expectations and is rightly called the ultimate dream car. The new tires are capable of reaching a speed up to 220 mph.

Outrageous Price

Famous rapper Birdman ‘Bryan Williams’ is one of the proud owners of this car which he acquired for an earth shattering $8,000,000; Birdman‘s approx net worth is $125 million.  He had made the purchased from well-known European Entrepreneur Arnaud Massartic. This price tag makes it one of the world’s most expensive cars.

If you also want a piece of this car then get ready to spend something between eight to nine million. Luxury doesn’t come cheap after all!

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