Maintaining Your Dream Cars in Winter

Dream_Cars_in Winter_Beverly_Hills_Magazine
Dream_Cars_in Winter_Beverly_Hills_Magazine

It does not matter what dream cars you own, whether a Maybach a Bentley or any other luxury imports, arrival of winter means preparation. Be it the world’s most expensive cars like Bentley and Maybach or a cool alternative, you need to ensure that you maintain your car in winters so that it doesn’t go kaput.

You need to make sure that your vehicle is safeguarded before it is time to welcome the snow that often brings a lot of trouble. The notion that luxury imports like Bentley and Maybach do not need you to worry is wrong as even the world’s most expensive car is prone to damages due to extreme weather conditions.

There are certain precautions that need to be taken care if you want your season not to be spoiled. Don’t forget that chilly weather not only brings rains and snow which result in coarse roads but also thick haze. It is very crucial that your car is checked from the radiators to the wipers before you get ready for winter.

Don’t forget that you may end up with an unexpected situation on a cold chilly night just because you forgot to mend a certain part which you thought may not hinder your plans. Not only that, an unforeseen situation you never expected may occur. You may encounter an unpleasant surprise on a quick drive to another city which ends up making your journey longer and tiring. Your safety should be your prime priority.

There are certain steps that should be kept in mind before you welcome cold. This will ensure a smooth warm car luxury drive throughout the winter.

Antifreeze Test

Change or replace your antifreeze before the arrival of the season to steer clear of freezing during snowy showers. Neglecting this may result in an engine failure along with other harms. Make sure that the amount of anti freeze and water is at the right level.

Thermostat Safeguarding

It is critical that you amend your thermostat often, especially when the season changes. A thermostat that sticks will hinder cold flow but may cause an extreme heating of the engine where as a thermostat that sticks open will allow chilly gush inside the compartment. Get rid of the old, worn out thermostat to ensure proper heating. If you do own a Bentley or other luxury imports, then be sure to check with a specialist before maiing any changes.

Fuel Change                 

Winter ensures more burden on your car engine during. Switch to thin oil because it flows easily through the machine. It is wise to do so in order to avoid an abrupt halt in the middle of a smooth journey.


No wonder your tires are the most fatigued part of your car during winter. Make sure your tires are good enough to last through winter if they are not, change them!

Viper Blades

There is nothing more important while driving on a cold showery night than to check the quality of your wiper blades. Your windshield needs to be clear so always get a set of new wipers before your winter starts.


Expect bumps and skids throughout the season due to snowfall and rain. Keep your brakes in first-rate condition and always check them before leaving your house.

However, remember not to play yourself if you own of the world’s most expensive cars like Maybach and Bentley. In such scenario it is recommended that you seek help from professionals.





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