Luxury Yachts: 144’ Heesen 1990 AT LAST

Luxury yachts are a thing of pride for those who can afford them. But for those who really care about pleasure and comfort, they know that extra care has to go into picking the choicest of yachts. Speaking of which, 144’ Heesen 1990 AT LAST is a top spec.

This article is a feature on 144’ Heesen 1990 AT LAST yacht; a sneak peek like an expose. To get right into the heart of it, let’s start on some technical note.

beverly hill magazine luxury yachts 144 heesen at last

Technical Details

  • 144’ Heesen is a luxury tri-deck motor yacht.
  • It is a 12V400 model from MTU
  • The diesel-fuel engine is a jet drive-type
  • Beam dimension measures 27’2”
  • And draft is 6’
  • Hull material made of aluminium
  • With 1X19400 gallon fuel tank
  • Cruising speed of 13knots and a maximum speed of 17 knots
  • The yacht was built in 1990, but has been refitted severally.
  • 2 X MTU 12V4000 engines installed n 2009
  • Kamera waterjets propulsion

About 144’ Heesen

144’ Heesen 1990 AT LAST is an absolutely stunning piece of work that can pass as a yacht masterpiece. First, its exterior design is sleek and clean engineering with top-notch aesthetics. The most striking exterior feature is the tri-deck design, with aero-shaped body ending forward in a pointed nose. Its white body sits right in the middle of the Fort Lauderdale water in Florida. And, its massive 27’2’’ beam length cruises over the water.

144’ Heesen 1990 AT LAST has an  amazing sundeck. Essentially, it is spacious and perfectly designed for pleasure. It has a jacuzzi at the forward side, with soft pads around it for comfort texture for guests.

Again, this yacht has a full-beam sunpad, a bar, a barbeque grille, cozy dinning tables, and bench seats all lined-up on the sundeck for comfort and pleasure. As an sleek compliment of the aesthetics of this mother-yacht, there are large umbrellas on the sundeck to provide shades and style.

beverly hill magazine luxury yachts 144 heesen at last

Also, on the 144’ Heesen sundeck, the view overlooking the surrounding is almost surreal. The perfect angling and viewing obtains from anywhere on the desk.

The excellent layout of the sundeck derives from the exquisite details in arrangement. Now, what we have in 144’ Heesen 1990 AT LAST is a compact arrangement of toys and tender storage located on the main deck aft. Expectedly, this creates space, enough space on the deck- one of the most inspiring features of this master yacht.


The clean interior design, which breathes out to the deck, inspires a level of elegance and comfort. Refitted in 2014 by international designer Tui Pranich, the interior features stunning designs and colours that warm the heart.

For example, the natural lighting and wall-to-wall carpeting amplifies the aesthetics of the cozy interior.

144’ Heesen 1990 AT LAST has 5 cabins and staterooms which can hold 11 guests. The master stateroom, as well as the other four, is a top-notch model of what luxury embodies.

The trusted sound system creates a whole different vibe within the spacious inside arena.

beverly hill magazine luxury yachts 144 heesen at last

144’ Heesen 1990 AT LAST has also got some international reputation. It was named number one charter boat 2015 by Boat International Magazine.

The construction is an aluminium hull with aluminium superstructure and teak-material deck.


This magnificent art work of a yacht goes for $7,495,000. While that is a definitely a significant amount, when you know that this yacht has brought in over $1,000,0000 per year in revenue for each of the last three years, the price tag dwarfs down.

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