Luxury Yachting Vessel: The 84’ Princess

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The 84’ princess is not only a motor yacht showing off. But instead a display of the manufacturer’s ability to create a luxurious yachting vessel with a large interior.

Well, is this princess a replacing model? Maybe. But a closer look at the 84’ Princess, you will logically conclude the motor yacht is a replacement of the Princess 78. However, Princess Yachts claim this boat is an original design from scratch.

Luxury Yachting Vessel: The 84' Princess #yachts #yacht #luxury #yachting #yachtlife

The Design of this Yachting Boat

The inside is genuinely spacious, as the manufacturer claims. There is no doubt the boat feels extensive than it looks from the outside, or according to the shower specifications.

According to the designer Bernard Olesinski, there is a split difference from other Princess models. From the galley, it’s separated from the dining area but faces the dinette on the opposite lower tiller.

Another feature that may escape your vision but not your subconscious is the big footer. But what about the beam? It measures around 18 feet. A providence the builder thanks technology.

The makers of 84’ Princess perfected the infusion system of push-pull, which creates a strong hull when used with PVC coring on the topsides. This reduced the support framing structure, which added afoot all around, creating more usable interior space.

The designer optimized space then provided one full-beam master suite and three spacious guest cabins. And crew quarters accessible from the main deck or through a door on the transom.

What to Expect When on Board

Once inside, you notice the impressive huge windows which light up the entire interior space. The master suite and VIP stateroom have big walled-windows on each side, plus a similar glass-wall cover on the salon. Then creatively, they used low back furniture design to take advantage of the windows.

Entertainment is also another definition of this luxury motor yacht. Inside, there are two walk-behind bars, one on the aft deck and the other on the flybridge which doubles as an outdoor kitchenette. Too, the cockpit comes with a curving settee and alfresco dining table.

The Engine Taking 84’ Princess to Blue Sea

This luxury vessel is one yacht with big engine rooms, with seamanlike plumbing, wiring, PM3 shore electrical system, among other features.

The builder fitted this yachting boat with two standard engines; One is Caterpillar C32 ACERTs with 1,622 horsepower. Two, the Cats with a massive 1,723 power. Depending on the engine package, the top cruising speed of this vessel will fall between 32 and 34 knots.

The Selling Price

Do you want to enjoy your yachting time at the upper helm of this Princess? Are you ready? If yes. Purchase this magnificent luxury sea princess and conquer the blue waters at only $3,125,643.

Final Call On 84’ Princess

This is 84’ Princess was born and gifted to cruise the blue waters of the world. This yacht has fantastic features for your yachting outings. If you are looking for entertainment and leisure in one place. Then, this Princess offers the perfect spot for you to have fun with no limitation.

(Images Courtesy of Princess Motor Yacht Sales)

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