Luxury Yacht: The Chakra

Do you love luxury yachting? Well, if you are looking for a watercraft that fits that bill, Chakra is the one, either for sport or leisure. This yacht model is so exceptional since 1963 it has been carrying the heritage of being the vessels that were used to pursue transgressors by the Dutch Navy.

The Chakra has gone through some conversion and refitting over the years. In 1998, the Devonport Yacht converted it into a superyacht. Later on, in 2016 and 2017, the same company performed two major refits on the yacht.

What’s Inside When You Aboard the Yacht

On your first step inside this perfect yacht. You get to experience the enormous internal dimensions of 2,083GT and other spaces present across the five decks. Modern interior features like the upholstery, which contrast perfectly with the floors. Another eye-catching styling is the beautiful mixture of art that adds pop and glamour to the whole vessel.

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Chakra is spacious enough to offer you a wholesome yacht life. It’s large and can host a group of 42 guests. Plus, 30 crew members, who provide you with the best service when yachting.

Onboard you have 21 cabins, which include two master suites, seven VIP stateroom, six double cabins, and four twin cabins plus two single ones. Besides, guests can pick either of the beautiful dining space found on the inside or outside.

If you need relaxing as you enjoy the sunshine, there is plenty of seating space with handsome furnishings which create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

Also, it has some sophisticated amenities and appealing design features like the anchor stabilizers, bathing platform, beauty salon, beauty room, and swimming pool. Others are the massage room, an outdoor bar, an air conditioner, and exercising equipment. And instruments like the piano and Wi-Fi connection.

Luxury Yacht: The Chakra

How The Yacht Performance

This superyacht comes with a stabilizing anchor, which helps increase comfort when anchoring at zero speed on rough waters. The engine is also amazing. The MAN B&W is the source behind the 3,996 hp power supply. That translates into a cruising speed of about 12 knots, and a top speed of 15 knots with a range of 5,892 nm.

The vessel has a storage fuel capacity of up to 136,100 liters, which give the yacht a globe-trotting cruising range of around 10,000 nautical miles while at a speed of ten knots.

The Asking Price on the Market

The Chakra is a remarkable yacht to run as a business. You could make lots of profit if you owned one privately or as a corporate entity. It only needs you to invest by buying one at $38, 029,000, and use it to offer charter services when not in a yachting mood.

Last but Not Least

The Chakra is the proven choice for your adventurous trips. Why? Because this vessel bridges the gap, making you enjoy startling sights of this world. A yacht life that’s unheard by many, but you, you get to experience every moment courtesy of this watercraft. That has more to offer, including five impressive decks and a Jacuzzi at your disposal.

Luxury Yacht: The Chakra

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