Celebrity Spotlight: Kendall Jenner

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Reality show fans watched Kendall Jenner grow up before their very eyes. Today, we learn more about the beautiful star with our Celebrity Spotlight. (Image credit: So Yummy Food Blog)

Growing Up on Camera

In 2007, Keeping Up with the Kardashians debuted and introduced audiences to the Kardashian and Jenner clans. The reality show focused on the careers and lives of the blended family. Early on in the show’s history, Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian garnered most of the spotlight, while younger sisters Kendall and Kylie played more supporting roles. However, the soon-to-be statuesque teen surely captured attention. 

Shier than her sisters, Kendall Jenner set her career aspirations on modeling. And though she would rather spend her leisure time in sneakers and yoga pants, the self-proclaimed tomboy made her dream come true.  

Keeping Up with the Kardashians is still currently producing new episodes. Although she is keeping busy with her various modeling and influencing gigs, Kendall Jenner is still a part of the program.

Making the Most of Young Celebrity

Kendall Jenner made the most of the celebrity thrust upon her at an early age. At 14, she dipped her toe into the world of modeling. While her Kardashian-Jenner family connections may have opened a few doors, it was the star’s natural beauty that caught the eye of modeling agencies. Impressively, she landed her first job, with Forever 21, in her first year!

Her career trajectory only went up from there. From gracing magazine covers to strutting the catwalk, Kendall Jenner quickly became the fashion industry’s “it” girl. Following in the footsteps of other big names, she became the face of Calvin Klein. She channeled her inner angel in the televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. And don’t forget her appearances at the iconic Paris Fashion Week!

Modeling suits the reality star. Though it attracted some controversy, the celebrity suggests her ability to be selective in choosing jobs is significant to her success. Regardless of the reason, she seems to be onto something. After all, she was the highest paid model of 2018!

Behind the Camera

Obviously the camera loves Kendall Jenner. But it turns out the love is mutual. A couple of years ago, the star starting taking pictures of friends and family. Ever since, she’s developed a following and landed great spots to show off her skills. In addition to some magazine editorial spreads, she even photographed inside the 2018 Met Gala for Vogue! 

And in an age where we all carry cameras in our pocket, Kendall Jenner, it seems, is a bit old school! Sure, the Instagram star posts tons of digital pics but she also has an affinity for taking photographs on film. In fact, many in the industry attribute a recent spike in film camera sales to the celebrity.  

A Thriving Influencer

As 2019’s 12th most followed entity on Instagram, Kendall Jenner is certainly a social media maven. And the star has parlayed that success into a slew of endorsement deals. From Calvin Klein to Fendi to Marc Jacobs, the world’s most major fashion brands are eager to work with the model. And while her modeling career is successful, being a luxury influencer has proven even more lucrative for the star. In fact, these endorsements make up the lion’s share of her income.  

We don’t know what’s next for this 5’10” beauty. But we are confident, whether it is to continue modeling, to start her own fashion line or to spend more time behind the camera, the public will get to enjoy the fruits of her labor! We wish her luck in her next endeavor.


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