Learn The Best Pilates Reformers Exercises

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Chances are that the idea of heading to the gym seems like a nightmare to you. Pilates reformers are just the types of exercises you need. Pilates offers much faster results with the least effort required. We guarantee that you will enjoy performing these exercises. Hence, we have curated this article on some of the best exercises you can learn from Pilates classes Chelsea UK.

Are Pilates Reformers Good Workouts for You? 

This is one of the most common questions that goes to everyone’s mind while getting started.  Yes, if you are looking forward to improving core stability and good posture alignment, a pilates reformer foldable is exactly what you need. Based on your body and preferences, you can always modify and make fine adjustments. This versatility is what led to the popularity of Pilates in the first place.

Most Common Pilates Reformers to Perform at Home

  1. Footwork 

Let’s start with the most basic exercise that you can do on the reformer. You can do footwork easily by lying down and putting your feet at the footbar. This exercise is the most effective when it comes to posture alignment. There are a ton of variations that you can add to the mix as well. Instead of pointed toes, you can always start with flexed feet or even work on these knees.

  1. Long Stretch 

Long stretches are nothing but moving planks that you can do by standing on the reformer. Hold on to the footbar and place both of your feet at the headrest. Aimed towards increasing core strength, this is a total body exercise that involves every muscle fiber of your body.

  1. Chest Expansion 

This is yet another great exercise that can help you to open up your chest and shoulders while working on a better posture. This exercise is mainly aimed at people sitting at their desks or even driving. To improve the effectiveness of the exercise, you can always throw in some weight as well.

  1. Side Overs

Side overs work on your obliques, which in turn can help you to attain a well-rounded posture along with stronger cores. With it primarily focused on the ‘frontal plane,’ it couldn’t get any better. For more accurate results, you can always take the assistance of the mat.

  1. Leg Circles 

Leg Circles work not only to the cores but also on the entire hip joint. Simply get back on the reformer and extend your leg diagonally at an angle of 45 degrees. Complete with 10 sets, and you are always good to go.

The Bottom Line 

So this goes without saying that Pilates reformers are the best exercises for tone your body while acquiring faster results. Get in touch with La Dolce Studio and enroll in the Pilates classes Chelsea UK  to completely reinvent yourself like never before.

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