How To Plan A Successful Melbourne Wedding

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A great wedding is the first step to a happy, successful marriage. Folks planning to tie the knot in Australia’s dreamy Garden City have a lot to look forward to. Besides being culturally rich, Melbourne is famous for its luxury wedding venues and spectacular bridal accessories.

For a splendid wedding, it is imperative to pick the right venue, the perfect date, and the most stunning wedding dresses Melbourne, among other things.

Here’s a guide to planning a Melbourne wedding the right way.

Plan Ahead

It is nearly impossible to get everything together for a wedding in just a month or two. Unless, of course, you are planning a small, home-style wedding. But most weddings have a good couple of months of effective planning going into them.

You need to pick a date that suits both your families, hire the right wedding planner, find a good celebrant, shop for wedding apparel, and finish a ton of other wedding-related things.

You will also need time to scout and pick from countless scenic wedding venues in the city. You can opt for garden wedding venues in the remarkable Royal Botanical Gardens or a waterside one in Brighton Beach or Albert Lake in South Yarra, Melbourne. You can head over to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for a countryside wedding in the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley.

Make a Budget

A clear budget will help you manage wedding expenses without hassles. It will also help you avoid overspending. You can start by classifying expenses under categories such as music, caterer, guest list, venue, etc. Then, note a number next to each category to determine what the final amount will be. If the expenses are too high, you can strike off things from the list you don’t need. For instance, you can go for simple floral arrangements and less expensive wedding cards. You can also cut down on your guest list if necessary.

Find the Right Caterer

Hiring wedding catering can be an expensive affair for most couples in Melbourne. According to a survey, the average cost of a wedding caterer in Victoria in 2018 was upward of $11000 – the costliest in Australia for that year.

However, the price will change depending on the caterer you pick and the kind of food you order. For instance, fine-dining lobster tails will be more expensive than the average chicken-based dish in Melbourne. Also, it’s important to taste everything on the menu before the wedding.

Also, don’t forget to order meals for the wedding crew (photographers, wedding band, servers, etc.) and not just your guests. If you wish to cut down on the budget, you can pick a less expensive but equally good menu for them.

Buy the Perfect Wedding Dress

A wedding gown is perhaps the most significant investment for any bride to make. Since it is worn only on this special, one-time occasion, the wedding dress needs to be perfect.

There are plenty of types, designs, and material choices for wedding dresses in Melbourne. Typically, Melbourne brides spend upward of $2500 on their wedding dresses. But you also can get one far below or above this cost estimate. For instance, a Victoria Lane or Mori Lee designer gown will cost a lot more than an ordinary one. Also, even a regular bridal gown will cost more if the material is silk instead of polyester.

So, keep these things in mind to buy the perfect gown for your wedding.

Learn About Marriage License and Other Details

Besides meeting the eligibility criteria, you will need two witnesses and a registered civil wedding celebrant to get married in Melbourne. Also, you will need to file a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) at least a month before the wedding date.

After the wedding, you will be given a commemorative wedding certificate. This cannot be used for legal purposes. So, you must find out how to order a legal marriage license, its cost, and other details.

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