Poet and Author Laura Muensterer on Her Debut Collection of Poems, freebird

Laura Muensterer, Author, Poet

freebird is the debut poetry collection by emerging poet, Laura Muensterer. The book features one hundred original poems. The poems elegantly express a multi-faceted interpretation of the human condition and feed the soul with validation.

Muensterer’s depth of perspective reflected in her poems far outweighs her 22 years on earth. freebird dances through topics from relationships, the passing of time, self-love, self-judgment, the image myth, trust, betrayal, liberation, and ultimately freedom. The poetry book culminates with the poem titled freebird. The “freebird” is one who sees through the human illusion and casts off the delusions of ego, societal expectation, and self-criticism. It does all this to finally be able to fly.

Laura Muensterer, 22, was born in Munich, Germany and raised in Dallas, Texas by her German father, and midwestern, Oklahoma-bred mother. She now resides in San Diego, CA.

Muensterer began writing poetry in elementary school. She had the hope of giving a voice to a full range of human emotion.  “When I write, I try to interpret what I believe many people around the world are experiencing but may not have the words to express.”

Through poetry and illustration, Laura explores various aspects of the human experience. At the same time, it sheds light on the many ways our past shapes our present and future self.

Laura Muensterer, book, freebird

Beverly Hills Magazine:  Your poems reflect such amazing insight and you’re only twenty-two. Where do the ideas come from?

Laura Muensterer: I began writing poetry as far back as grade school and middle school when I would practice writing poems in English class.  It is something that has been inside me for as long as I can remember. I think being born in Munich, Germany to a German dad and a mom from America, as well as moving around a bit growing up, set the stage for my sense of wanderlust. In terms of wanting to know about the world, the human experience, and why we experience the things we do. Writing poetry has always been my way of exploring and expressing all facets of the human condition and all ranges of emotion, including my own.

A selection from her book of poems:


We often think

In order to succeed in life

We must never experience

Pain, Sadness, Or failure

But the only way

We can grow and thrive

Is if we experience

These terrible things

For it is only in these moments

We take a hard look at our life

Whether or not

We’re going in the direction

Our heart and soul desire

Just as a butterfly must shed its cocoon

We too must shed our past selves

And lose the layers

That are no longer aiding

In our own personal evolution

Beverly Hills Magazine:  What other poets have inspired you and your work?

Laura Muensterer:  I have been following Rupi Kaur’s work for years and I gain great inspiration from her poetry. Her work certainly informs and inspires me. But in terms of my poetry, I have my own individual style and voice.

Beverly Hills Magazine: How would you describe the collection of one hundred poems in your new book, freebird?

Laura Muensterer:  Although the poems in my book cover a wide range of topics from love and relationships to self-doubt, confidence, growth, betrayal, forgiveness and freedom, the overarching theme throughout all of my poetry is that it is rooted in humanity. The simplicity and complexity of feeling like both child and adult, throughout our lives here on earth. I try to interpret all of the phases of life we go through. And I also try to include things that could be relatable to most everyone. When I write, I try to interpret what I believe many people around the world are experiencing but may not have the words to express.

freebird, a collection of one hundred poems by Laura Muensterer is available August 1st on Amazon.  Visit http://www.lauramuensterer.com/.

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