Know Your Diet Pill Options

Know Your Diet Pill Options
Know Your Diet Pill Options


The name of this diet pill comes from probiotics, which promote losing weight and improve digestion. According to the manufacturer, this ProbioSlim diet product is claimed as safe and efficient weight loss supplement.

The active ingredients of these diet pills are mostly effective in facilitating digestion. These include extracts of kiwi, papaya and fig. Unfortunately, these components are useless in weight management.

The only ingredient, which can be helpful to lose weight, is caffeine. The caffeine source is the green tea extract. In fact, this component provides an increase of metabolism. It should be noted that high dosage of caffeine is rather harmful for health due to the unwanted side effects.

The price of ProbioSlim is $69.99, which is considered as overestimated. Most of ingredients are ineffective for losing weight and can be replaced with cheaper alternatives. In general, the overall efficiency of the pills is also poor. For this reason, it is worth considering the following alternatives to this pill.

Lean System 7

This is a purely natural product, which is designed to remove fat. The content of Lean System 7 includes magnesium, titanium dioxide, gelatin and rice flour. The other health benefits provided by these pills are the boost of metabolism and reduction of water retention. The product can boast of numerous positive reviews and feedbacks.

Acai Supreme

This alternative is based on the extract of Acai berry. Its major ingredient supplies essential nutrients and provides various other health benefits such as improvement of skin quality, removal of toxins, weight loss and energy increase. Although, Acai Supreme is not approved by FDA, it is rather popular and ranked high by the customers.

Brilliant Garcinia

This is another purely natural pill for losing weight. Brilliant Garcinia has only one ingredient – the extract of tropical fruit called Garcinia Cambogia. This only component provides all necessary nutrients and vitamins to your body. The function of the ingredient is to block fat accumulation in the body. The total efficiency of these pills is rather high. Consumers appreciate not only the considerable results in weight management, but also the lack of side effects and quite affordable price. You can buy Brilliant Garcinia for $35.99.


Currently, these diet pills rank first in the diet pills rating of 2017. Sletrokor contains no synthetic or artificial ingredients, but only natural components. The formula of this weight loss pill can boast of other health benefits like appetite suppression, fat burning and blood sugar stabilization. The price of Sletrokor is $35.99. Unlike Brilliant Garcinia, this diet pill offers a wider content of ingredients. This supplement is the most popular means among the consumers to achieve high weight loss results. It is difficult to find negative feedbacks on Sletrokor, as well as any reports of side effects.

Before taking any diet pills or starting a new health regimen, consult a professional doctor as they may pose serious risks to your health. It is always best to take natural routes to achieve your health and fitness goals.

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