Kick the Habit Celebrity Style!

Kick the Habit Celebrity Style!

A lot of celebrities battle addiction throughout their lives, and many of them eventually kick the habit. The problem is that these days there are so many different substances around. It’s so easy to become addicted in no time at all. And it seems to be getting more and more difficult to wean yourself off. So, what you need to try to do is have a look at how your favorite celebs have battled addiction in the past and learn from them so you can kick your bad habit celebrity style. (Image by Pixabay)

You need someone to aspire to and take influence from, and this is a good way to do that. So, you will need to know how you can kick the habit celebrity style. And, with that in mind, here are some great steps celebrities have taken in the past to kick their negative addictions and habits.

Cold Turkey

Now, cold turkey is one of the most difficult approaches, but also one of the most effective. It only requires willpower, but the willpower has to be unwavering. Famously, Noel Gallagher of Oasis once allegedly quit drugs by going cold turkey. It is certainly doable, but it doesn’t work for everybody. It very much depends on your personality and lifestyle, as well as what substances you’ve been taking. Cold turkey will be the best way to quit, but not if you’re looking for an easy ride.

Get Family Help

It’s important to get help from those around you when you’re trying to battle addiction. And that means you need to get family and friends involved. There are rumours that this is how Johnny Cash got clean from drugs. His family essentially kept him at their lodge and wouldn’t let anyone visit him until he was clean. It’s always good to have people who care about you looking out for your best interests. If you’re serious about getting help, then your family should be the first place you turn.

Go to Rehab

The favored weapon of choice among most celebrities trying to get clean is to enter rehab. In fact, these days that has become something of a rite-of-passage! Countless celebrities over the years have had to go to rehab to battle against a number of addictions. People like David Duchovny, Robert Downey Jr. and Sean Penn have all checked themselves into rehab in the past. So this is an option for you to consider. Whether it’s a methadone clinic or an alcohol rehab center, this is the best place to be. You’re surrounded by experts, and you’re in a controlled environment.

Find Other Vices

A lot of celebrities are creative people, and they manage to battle addiction by finding other vices. Now, this might be more doable for creative people, but you can still work on finding your own vices. Whether it’s food, cigarettes, art, or video games, there are so many things you can use to curb your addictive impulses. So make sure you think hard about this, and do what you can to channel your addiction in a positive way.


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