Kate Hudson’s Sustainable Jewelry Investment

Kate Hudson’s Sustainable Jewelry Investment #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #katehudson #jewelry
Kate Hudson’s Sustainable Jewelry Investment #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #katehudson #jewelry

Kate Hudson is a veteran actress known mostly for her role in romantic comedies and drama. Among the popular movies she has played in are “Almost Famous” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. She is also not only an actress and brand ambassador but an entrepreneur as well. She is known to have created her own activewear brand, “Fabletics” as well as vodka and nutritional powder brands, “In King Vodka and “In Bloom”.

To celebrate Earth Day, the Hearst Design Collection (ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful and VERANDA) hosted their second annual virtual summit: Design U. The Future of Eco-conscious Living featuring interviews with global thought leaders and Hearst editors to discuss the sustainable impact of design, education and business. In line with them, we feature this interview of Kate Hudson along with the founder of Oscar Massin, Frédéric de Narp. Oscar Massin is the first-ever legacy fine jewelry brand in the U.S. to use only 100% climate-neutral, lab grown diamonds and settings of recycled 18k gold. Moreover, Kate Hudson is an investor of the brand. She believes businesses these days should focus on sustainability, to address the issues of climate change and to make planet, a better place to live in.

Fréderic de Narp: Why did you invest in Oscar Massin?

Kate Hudson: “When we started talking about the importance of what you are developing, it was really an easy fit for me as an investor. I have a strong belief that we change the way we do business and the way it affects the environment with big industry, you know that I I really feel that we need to be leading industries with changing the way that we do business and how we can be better to our planet, period.

So the things that I’m most interested in: investing, building, are things that are and lead towards sustainability.  I just think that’s, the only way now and how we can make real change is by creating companies that really highlight how you can do that, and then it doesn’t compromise luxury. It actually elevates.”

Fréderic de Narp: What are the pressures of making sustainable life choices?

Kate Hudson: “I always say, making change is hard; it’s just hard for everyone. I think we’re always asked to constantly be making changes… ‘you should be changing the way you parent, you should be changing the way you are in relationships, you should be changing the way you dress, you should be changing your body.’ And we should be changing the way that we are careful to our environment. And we get these things piled on top of us, and we get these ideas just loaded on, and it gets hard and people give up. Sometimes you try to do everything that’s right and you just are like ‘ugh, I can’t. I can’t be so perfect.”

Fréderic de Narp: How do you choose to get involved with certain businesses?

Kate Hudson: Part of what’s has been really important for me, in terms of getting things out in the world…if someone is going to ask me to be part of something, for me, I believe that we build it; you just build it and then you make it easier for someone else. You don’t have to worry so much about it, you know? You make one thing easier and that has such a deep impact; it actually has a wide impact. You’re building a business where no one has to ever question that when they go there, that they’re getting the best and you know, making life one step easier for people. Building those kinds of businesses is just so important…”

In Summary, Kate is telling us that from the little things from what we eat, to more serious things such as our parenting style, has a global effect. Businesses which make up the economy should start becoming conscious of the products they manufacture as to not hurt the environment. Furthermore, what we teach our children also has a deep impact on the way they make a conscious living. Kate Hudson invests in businesses that promote these principles.

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