Is Compass Real Estate a Good Company

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If you’ve heard of Compass real estate but don’t know a great deal about them, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’re going to look at how they came to be, the way that they operate, and whether or not they are, ultimately, a good company. If you’re wanting to find out more info on Compass, then just click the link. Now, let’s get stuck in.


Originated: Manhattan, New York

Launched in 2012, Compass real estate quickly made a name for itself in the real estate industry. Since then, in just a short decade, they have become the USA’s largest independent real estate brokerage. Compass serves 67 markets, with over 25,000 real estate agents, operating in more than 300 offices. In 2021, the revenue they made was $6.42 billion with their total assets being valued at 1.80 billion. For a relatively new company, these stats are extremely impressive.

So, How Does Compass Work?

What about Compass has made them so successful? Well, part of the secret to their success is the technology that they have brought to the property industry, with an intelligent app created to serve agents and customers alike. Compass built the first modern real estate platform, which their competitors have since taken note of and followed suit. This technology has allowed app users, (agents, property buyers, and sellers) to connect, massively enhancing the sales process. This has been a huge driving force behind the speed of the company’s growth. It’s also why so many agents are keen to get on board with Compass, as it gives them access to this powerful technology that they can put to good use in their work.

Now, to Answer the Question: Is Compass a Good Company?

Although it’s clear that Compass is doing very well as a company, this doesn’t necessarily tell us if they are a good or a bad company. However, we do know this: Compass has thousands of agents applying to join the team each year, the company is growing and also survived a global pandemic, and on Instagram alone, it has over 170,000 followers, which is a very large figure for a real estate business on social media.

The fact that they have paved the way for their employees, customers, and even competitors, with their groundbreaking, modern tools, means that they’ve changed the real estate industry forever. For that alone, it can be argued that they are a good company, as they’ve made the buying and selling of homes that much easier for their users.

Finally, what does the future hold for Compass?

Compass has continued to expand over the past few years and is now spread all across the USA, with offices in the country’s top 45 metropolitan areas. This makes them the fastest-growing brokerage. Therefore, the likelihood is, that they are going to continue to grow their reach. There’s a good chance we will see them focusing on going global in the near future, as one of their four headquarters is now in India – the other three being in New York, Seattle, and Washington DC.

Whatever direction Compass decides to go in, we’re sure the future’s bright.

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