Improving The Real Estate Value Of Your High-End Home

Improving The Real Estate Value Of Your High-End Home #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #bevhillsmag #realestate #exterioraestheticdescisions #resellingahome #investinginpropert

While it may not be your main career path, renovating and reselling a home can enhance your real estate chops while also serving as a fantastic life skill to learn. If we can become confident investing in property, renovating it, and ensuring that it’s passed on to deserving owners who really care for the space, then our efforts have given us a great return as well as made the real estate market that much better to deal with.

As Vineyard Management Company says, improving the real estate value of your home means looking to the future, and considering what the housing market might be like when you come to finish your project. It also means knowing where the most value is to be extracted, and what developments can truly ensure a home will not only be sought-after but fought for.

In this post, we’ll discuss a number of measures that can inspire you on this journey. We’ll also give hard advice for managing your priorities in this area. Without further ado, let’s consider:

Curb Appeal

By far one of the most valuable investments you can make in any property is in its curb appeal. This refers to the front exterior, the point where whoever is able to see your home when entering its main entrance is sure to be impressed.

Note that often, this doesn’t necessarily mean installing large plinths or opting for the most intensive water feature. It just means ensuring that the front lawn is in good shape, that the borders of your property, like brickwork or hedges, are properly aligned, and of course, that certain essential elements, like the mailbox and front door, are in their best condition.

Curb appeal can also define how you make exterior aesthetic decisions. For instance, just what color you paint the door compared to where it’s placed (brighter colors might be more appropriate if the doorway is shrouded in shade from a porch overhang, for instance) can make all the difference. Smaller adjustments, like flower baskets for your windows sills, how you paint these fixtures, and what kind of cladding you opt for (sometimes just a renewal of its current worth can be enough), will all make a major difference.

Exterior Water Fixtures

An exterior water feature can showcase a willingness to invest thoroughly in the space, as well as define a garden area in a completely aesthetic and beautiful way. There’s a reason why people consider water fixtures to be the height of decorative ambition, and that’s often because they add so much regal character to a home that they are hard to replace.

A statue element, an aesthetic pond, or even a functional body of water where you keep ducks or koi (the latter at the appropriate temperature), not only decorates a garden, but embodies it, and enables it to shine as well as thrive. 

Just make sure that the water filtration and provision measures are properly installed, and open for maintenance. Water pumps, galvanised tube placements and essential borders (especially against open bodies of water) will make a tremendous difference here.

Name The Household!

Certain homes in given environments may be able to name themselves depending on how they’re situated within local zoning areas. It’s unlikely for a home in the middle of a terraced street to be approved for a name change, as this would harm the logical naming convention of the area, and cause problems in regard to tax and mail logistics.

But if you do have the chance to apply for name change, this can be a worthwhile investment. A specific name helps distinguish the property from its environment as well as gives it its own character. You have some leeway regarding its naming convention, but the best option is to reflect the strength of the property’s character and history. For instance, “The Mill” is a good name for a home converted from a mill, while “The Hollies” might be a nice name for a property surrounded by naturally-occurring holly bushes. 

You may consider this a similar principle to purchasing a personalized license plate for your vehicle, only this time the name is more grounded and valuable, defining a home’s character in a manner that may last for several generations beyond you.

Window Treatments

Windows are often the eyes to the soul of a property, because they let in natural light, allow us to see in or restrict that in favor of privacy, and will retain a significant portion of your exterior wall just in terms of aesthetic and provision.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure your window treatments are properly provided for. Often, this means pulling out older fixtures and installing new double-glazing, strengthened for security, in order to retain the robustness of such a home. Window treatments may also differ depending on where you live, for instance in stormy or even hurricane-adjacent locations then shutters can be thoroughly useful.

Window quality and cleanliness is also important to keep up, feeding back into the curb appeal necessities we had spoken of above.


It’s not uncommon for those with an interest in luxury homes to enjoy luxury vehicles. These deserve to be treated properly, with restored driveways or resin-applied staging areas that allow for a uniform driving experience onto the property.

Shelters or exterior garage spaces can also be worth your investment, as keeping such cars under lock and key is essential. Enough room to comfortably turn around should be provided, and many people find that a decorative element turning a wide space into a circular driveway (and thus improving the logical direction of cars driving around it), will help refine the space anew.

You should also consider investing in polyurea garage floor coating to keep the space protected and looking its best for years to come. While you’ll need to invest some money in the installation process, it’ll help to ensure that the pavement or stone surface you choose for luxury cars won’t suffer from wear and tear.


Luxury homes are often sought-after and pleasant to look at, even if hidden away. As such, it’s important for us to pay attention to their security. Discerning clients will be interesting in knowing that they can raise their families in peace and privacy. Security is made up of three pillars – privacy, deterrents, and safety. Privacy can be achieved by appropriate privacy fencing, the implementation of a solid treeline or hedges, and surrounding walls that naturally fit into the space. Preventing a neighbor from looking into the garden where your children play via one of these fixtures can be a key investment.

Deterrents should be clear but not necessarily detract from the uniform aesthetic of the space. This is why we rarely see barbed-wire security gates surrounding a residential property except for within inner-city environments. Proper CCTV, motion-sensitive floodlights, gates with intercoms, and doorbell cameras can all make a major difference here. Signs that clearly lay out this provision can also serve as a polite deterrent. Safety comes from ensuring the proper locks (on doors and windows) are installed is key. The same goes for ensuring robust front gates, alarm systems, and a proper dividing gate between the front and back gardens are provided.

With this advice, we hope you understand a few investment areas to consider should you hope to improve the real estate value of your home, priming it for resale. That said, any of the functions here can provide a new lease of life in your living environment, perhaps convincing you to stay and enjoy the area anew.

What matters is that when we invest money into these properties, we’re able to get the most for our money in return. This way, even if we choose to move on, we will be able to yield a similar bounty from the next property we live in. This way, we can ever-increasingly raise our position on the property ladder, no matter how comfortable in our position we are.

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