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RECC Paris is a classy and stylish clothing brand founded by model and influencer Caroline Receveur. This Parisian brand includes classy and colorful pieces such as dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, jackets and coats. RECC Paris’s style just like Reveceur, is fresh, bold, feminine, casual and relaxed. It’s staple pieces are soft and comfortable. 31 year old Caroline Reveceur as a “jack-of-all-trades” in the fashion industry, works with a team of product experts and designs her collections with rock and glam accents from all her favorite pieces. Moreover, she mixes looks for everyday wear with more sophisticated pieces. Caroline is not just a model, her skills on entrepreneurship is just as impressive. She also founded another brand which is a detox tea, Wandertea. Just like RECC Paris, which comes up with a new collection every 2 months, Caroline Reveceur never stops surprising and reinventing herself. Visit their website to see more.

DRESS SAMIRA (Pictured Above)

The first dress we feature is the Samira dress. This gorgeous sparkling gold dress. It is made of 78% polyamide, 14% lurex and 8% elasthanne. Furthermore it features a fully buttoned line in front with a slit. It is a long shirt dress in gold stretch lurex jersey. This dress is so classy and gives of such a ’70s vibe. I can imagine wearing it with black high heeled boots or golden stilettos in a disco or a Malibu pool party. This dress is not only elegant and feminine it is so soulful as well.


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The second dress we feature is the ecru Tanya dress. This midi ribbed knit dress features a neckline with a sliding link. Moreover, it also has a side slit that gathers on the front. The best feature is the cute sexy triangle gap the dress creates on the chest and upper stomach area. It give a nice accent to the dress. Nude lingerie is best paired with this dress so as not to see any colored underwear. I can imagine this very comfortable dress paired with furry slippers if you just wanna look glamorous and chic around the house while sipping wine. I can also imagine the Tanya dress paired with bright colored stilettos for a night out with the girlfriends at some fancy hotel dinner. This definitely will make heads turn.


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The third dress we have here is the black Sandra dress. This dress is made of 95% polyester and 5% elasthan. Similar to the Samira dress, this dress features a fully buttoned line in front with a slit. It is a long shirt dress in black stretch jersey. A classy, basic dress that’s really not so basic. The Sandra dress when paired with colorful platform heels produces the best results. It also can be worn with high heeled boots and jewelry that will be a good contrast to the black dress. I can imagine this dress at casual dinner dates or fancy pool parties. It is that versatile!


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The forth dress we present to you is this Coral Jordyn Dress. This short gorgeous coral dress features a crossed neckline and fronds under the chest all made from jersey stretch. The crossed neck design is so unique it gives the dress an extra oomph and edge. I can imagine this dress paired with nude pumps topped with a blazer for an edgy corporate look. It can also be worn with dark colored stilettos for a good contrast for a night out with your beau at a fancy bar. This Jordyn dress’s one of a kind style will make good memories at whichever event you bring it to.

DRESS MAG#fashion #style #shop #Recc-Paris #dresses #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag

The fifth and final dress in this fashion article is this tangerine Mag dress. This long dress features thin straps, a side slit and a chest cross accent. It is so simple yet so sexy. It gives off such a dreamy spring and summer vibe. One can pair this with flip flops, beaded jewelry and aviator shades, strolling by the shore. Another way to wear this beautiful dress is with high heeled brown boots and a fedora hat at a musical festival. The possibilities are endless as well with this basic yet fabulous dress.

In Summary, we gave 5 unique and beautiful RECC-Paris dresses for you, readers to choose from. The dresses are so ’70s, colorful and happy, it might just uplift your mood as you wear it. Add these dresses to your collection now by browsing on RECC-Paris.  To see what tips you can follow to mix and match with your wardrobe click here.

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