Where and Why You Should Go to Athens

Where and Why You Should Go to Athens #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #athens #touristdestination #sunnycity #beautifulcity #bevhillsmag

Athens is the ancient cradle of the best civilization and therefore the capital of the sunny Balkan state. It is impossible to find a city in Europe that even remotely resembles Athens. This ancient city experienced a lot thousands of years ago. The origins of the capital of the Balkan state, shrouded in legends, were lost in the fog of your time. At present, it is the largest economic, organizational and cultural center of the country. We also advise you to take a free walking tour Athens so that you do not waste it preparing for your visit.

Tourism in this city combines attractive natural attractions, timeless monuments, art and culture.  The capital of Greece, Athens, is one of the easiest tourist destinations in the Balkans. You cannot explore the history, culture and sweetness of the Balkan state unless you visit its capital, Athens.

The most beautiful places to visit in Athens:

  • Athens citadel. The citadel is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions and the Balkan state in general, and almost no tourist trip to the Balkan state is complete, not a place where visiting this place is one of its priorities.
  • Plaka, Athens. Plaka Historical Space is one of the most famous tourist spots and therefore the oldest of them is located at the foot of the citadel mountain, includes classical buildings and many museums, and also attracts thousands of tourists.
  • National Archaeological Repository. The National Repository in Athens, Balkan State reflects the history of the Balkan State from an earlier period, as it includes thousands of artefacts found in many places in the Balkan State. The exhibits of the deposit include royal tombs, statues, jewelry, ceramics and more.
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus. This ancient temple is considered the largest temple in the Balkans and one of the most famous tourist attractions in Athens, Greece. The development of the temple of Olympian Zeus began in the sixth century BC and as a result in 131 AD, about 700 years later, by order of the Roman emperor.
  • Syntagma Square. Syntagma Square is one of the most popular tourist spots in because it is constantly filled with locals and tourists. The square includes the building of the Greek Parliament and is considered the place where tourist trips to the main attractions of the Greek city of begin.

History of the Greek city of Athens.

The Greek city of Athens is the cradle of civilization. The city has been inhabited since the Neolithic era, that is, 3 thousand years BC, and therefore the oldest building dates back to 2 thousand 200 BC, the late Bronze Age, and a thousand BC. Athens began to expand in an exclusively northwestern direction. The city prospered in the sixth century BC, when Peisistratus and his sons took over the administration of the citadel, and in 480 BC, the Persians occupied and destroyed Athens.

Interesting facts about Athens:

  1. Athenians study several subjects of method, as well as history, science, and philosophy.
  2. There is a lack of rights and privileges for men because they were treated like slaves.
  3. The Athenians focused mainly on art, design and literature.

The city of Athens, the cradle of civilization in the Balkans, is located on the threshold of the Aegean Sea and eight kilometers from the Gulf of Phaleron. It is worth noting that Athens owns a port known as the Port of Piraeus, which is eight kilometers from solid land. Athens, with a population of 664,046, is not only the largest city of dominion, but also the largest city in the Balkans. Like most capitals, the beautiful city of Athens is the country’s transportation hub. Wherever there are airlines, railways, ships and main roads, and wherever it receives most of the Greek industrial output, and hence the industries in it include cotton materials, foodstuffs, drinks, construction, pottery, silk, wool and steel, chemicals and machinery.

Well, we are inclined to hope that with our help you have learned a lot about Athens and will be able to return here. It can be a new historical and sunny city, wherever you are in a very healthy mood. Therefore, I wish you a successful trip and a pleasant pastime!

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