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While her spa is Vancouver-based, Alisha Lalji certainly isn’t. Lalji shows up with over $20,000 worth of custom-made equipment for her beauty treatments on set, at home, on a yacht, or wherever her clients need her. Lalji has taken her already advanced skin and body treatments to a completely different level by adding Hypnotherapy.

Celebrities have tried all types of interesting beauty facials to turn back time including; caviar facials, leech therapy, injectables, lasers, snake venom facial, facelifts, 24 carat gold masks, placenta facial, bird poop facials, etc.

Now Alisha Lalji, has taken skin care treatments to a cellular level with her health and beauty Hypnotherapy Facial. The benefits and effects of this revolutionary facial outlast any other facial beauty treatment. While receiving your facial you are put into a state of hypnosis which immediately relaxes you. As you receive your wonderful treatment, your subconscious mind becomes accessible. A specific dialogue or formula will be used to speak to your cells and DNA in order to activate collagen, elastin and other necessary coding to change your skin and body, producing newer, younger cells.

You may be curious how all this works. Many of us have heard quotes from the great minds of the past that “Our thoughts create our reality”, or “Like attracts like”. Lalji states that, “Whatever you think about most of time, is what you are likely to attract”. As science and quantum physics has now proven, when you change your thoughts, you are also changing your physical body. By speaking to the mind through hypnotherapy Lalji is able to positively direct thoughts towards a specific focus, such as cell rejuvenation to enhance your own natural beauty.

“She’s the Deepak Chopra of Beauty. Through her treatments she literally takes you to the Fountain of Youth. Simply Amazing.” ~ Jacqueline Maddison

“Every person is truly unique, and they will experience this new treatment in their own way” explains Lalji. Clients have described their hypnotherapy facial session as “transcendent”, and feeling as if they are “floating on a clouds, savoring each new physical sensation”. A sense of feeling grounded, euphoric, worry free, light as a feather, and magical stillness are just some of the sensations people describe post treatment. One person even stated “It was like she shaved a decade of my face”. One thing is for sure: You will come out feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Leant More About This Amazing Treatment Now:

Through Hypnotherapy we are able to access the subconscious, which is 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind, to make the necessary changes to the DNA and cells. “My goal was to come up with the ultimate facial that can reverse aging, using a minimal amount of treatments, and no side effects. That’s when I decided to utilize the power of the ancient practice of Hypnotherapy along with my specific facial health and beauty protocol” says Lalji.

“Hypnosis is older than medicine” writes Byron Butler, M.D., MED.SC.D. in his journal The Use of Hypnosis in the Care of the Cancer Patient. “More than 3000 years ago it was used in India and in the British Museum there is a bas-relief taken from a tomb in Thebes that shows an Egyptian hypnotist and his patient”.

Lalji has also combined the powerful tool of Hypnotherapy to other beauty spa treatments such as Hypnotherapy Massage, Hypnotherapy Waxing and Somatic Healing. More information about these health and beauty treatments can be found at www.EMLuxurySpa.com.

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