HPE Active-Wear Clothing

HPE Active-Wear Clothing
HPE Active-Wear Clothing

Top technical sports apparel brand, HPE Clothing (Human Performance Engineering) announces its first retail store in the US. Founded 4 years ago in the UK, the brand is now opening its doors in the heart of West Los Angeles’ Brentwood neighborhood.

With celebrity fans all over the world, HPE has been a key player in the active wear industry with a loyal following that includes Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Alessandra Ambrosio and Michelle Obama. The brand is renowned among professional athletes for its incorporation of systems and science used to accelerated performance, increase recovery and reduce inflammation.

HPE incorporates proprietary FRESHFIT® technology into various fabrics categorized throughout the collection. Key details include silver technology to prevent bacterial build up and moisture management with additional pieces utilizing a more specialized approach to include cooling, compression, UV protection, and water repelling technologies.

HPE Clothing Brentwood Store
HPE Clothing Brentwood Store

“We decided to open our first US storefront in Brentwood to tap into a community who’s eager to discover new products and educating themselves on health and wellness,” says HPE founder Nicholas Harris.

Harris adds, “My goal is to introduce consumers to the brand in an experiential way, so they can feel the distinctive fabrications and technology firsthand. We truly believe once customers try on the collection, they will immediately feel the quality and performance like no other product.”

HPE Clothing is located in the Brentwood Town Center at 13050 San Vicente Blvd, Unit 116, Los Angeles, CA 90049.

About Human Engineering Performance (HPE Clothing):

In 2013, human performance specialist, Nicholas Harris applied the systems and science used to accelerate performance, increase recovery and reduce inflammation, to create the truly innovative HPE (Human Performance Engineering) Clothing.  Known equally for its performance capabilities and fashion, HPE offers true athletes and lovers of style a product that takes them from body sculpt to brunch.  The science behind the style gives the product uniqueness and differentiation not captured outside of traditional mass “sports” brands.  The brand vision is to empower everyone to feel confident wearing HPE, to encourage movement, health and wellness.

(Image Credit: HPEClothing.com)

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