How To Begin A Lash Certification Program

How To Begin A Lash Certification Program
How To Begin A Lash Certification Program

Are you ready to take your passion for lashes to the next level by becoming a lash artist? Lucky for you, now is the perfect time to do it as the lash industry is growing fast, expecting to reach revenue of $250.2 million by 2022.

As with any beauty regimen or product, however, it takes skill and patience to perfect. Deciding on the right training program for your lash certification can be the make or break for being a respected artist in the industry. Not sure how to decide? Here are a few factors to look for when considering lash certification programs.

1. They Require the Appropriate Prerequisites

Be aware of the laws in your state so you know you will be properly acknowledged as a lash artist when you finish your program. In many states, you must hold a valid esthetician or cosmetologist license before beginning a lash program. Legitimate programs will always be aware of these prerequisites and demand the license from you before beginning.

2. Good Standing and Credibility Within the Industry

As with any form of education, finding a school that is well-known in the industry is not only a great way to ensure you’re getting a top-tier education, but it also makes it easier to find a job after finishing. Academy reputation is built on years of service and branding. Research what programs hold merit with your future employers by looking online and speaking to people in the industry. You’ll get first-hand knowledge and will therefore be able to make an informed decision.

3. Opportunities To Learn About Modern Technologies

In any business, there are always new technologies and methods being used to make the customer experience more streamlined and enjoyable. The lash industry is no exception. The best time to adopt the newest lash trends is to learn them during certification so your knowledge is as broad as possible from the very beginning. Take this into consideration when picking a program by making sure they have modern devices and are passionate about providing the best service.

How To Begin A Lash Certification Program
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4. Hands-On Experiential Practice

No matter how much you know about lashes, you can’t be a good lash artist if you don’t have hands-on practice. Ensure that the school has a hands-on approach to education. You’ll most likely find the information being taught more applicable and easier to grasp in this fresh and engaging environment.

5. Multiple Locations

Multiple locations not only add to the credibility of a lash training program, but it also makes it easier for you to attend classes and be appropriately involved in the program. When searching for the right training, take into consideration how the course will fit into your life, and whether you will be able to manage it alongside other responsibilities. As a general rule, choose a lash certification academy that has various locations so you have flexibility and it remains convenient.

6. Official Certifications

It may seem obvious, but before you decide on a program, ensure the certifications are official and valid. Whether it’s the more classic training certifications that teach you how to apply eyelashes the traditional way, or the more modern volume certification that teach you the advanced methods of applying multiple lashes.

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