Holiday Beauty Guide 2017

Holiday Beauty Guide 2017
Holiday Beauty Guide 2017

It’s a wonderful time of year! Now is the time to start your Christmas wish list and begin planning for all your holiday gift giving. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best beauty products out there for you to treat yourself with or someone you love. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy Holidays!

Magic Mitt by Jane Iredale

Magic Mitt quickly and completely removes makeup using no cleanser. This cleansing process promotes the health of the skin because it does not affect the skin’s natural acid mantle. When this beneficial barrier is intact, it aids the skin in protecting itself from harmful and invasive bacteria. Not only will your skin thank you for using Magic Mitt, you will also save yourself minutes at the beginning and end of each day.

How to use: Use Magic Mitt the way you would a washcloth. Soak it in water and remove makeup. When completed, wash the Mitt in soap to cleanse. Rinse, then hang up to dry. When dry, it is sterile. Magic Mitt can last as long as a washcloth is cared for properly. It is hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Note Cosmetics

Note Cosmetics’ Ultra Rich Color Lipstick gives smooth appearance to lips by reducing fine lines on lip contour. It protects and nourishes lips with Argan Oil and Cocoa Butter. Its special formula gives dense color to lips. Argan Oil and Cocoa Butter moisturizes and helps revitalize with Vitamin E, and protects lips against free radicals and environmental factors. Fast absorption and dense moisturizing features makes lips smooth, soft and silky.

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Biopelle Skincare

Biopelle introduces new TENSAGE® Repair and Rejuvenation kit, a 10 day intensive treatment and daily regimen for amazing results will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus it increases elasticity and firmness and enhance skin’s texture, tone and luminosity. This complete system repairs photo-damage, improve the visible signs of aging in just 10 days and you can maintain results over time while protecting skin from future damage by keeping Biopelle a part of your daily skincare routine.

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Sphynx Portable Shaver

Ever notice after you’ve shaved but you just missed a spot? Now there’s the perfect solution for all your quick shaving needs. Get the Sphynx portable 3 in 1 razor that comes complete with a re-fillable water bottle, moisturizer bar, and 2 blades. You can keep it in your purse or car, and it’s always accessible for those on-the-go shaving touch ups. It is not meant to replace your shaving routine, but is the perfect tool for those needed touch-ups when you’re on the go and notice them! Available in pink, purple, black, and blue. Get yours today!

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Pop White

POP White color correcting technology is revolutionizing the way we whiten our teeth. Most whitening products use peroxide which can have great results but also negative effects on tooth enamel and sensitivity. Pop White instead uses color-correction with multiple benefits that are infused with a purple formula to reduce the visibility of yellow stains. The opposing colors of purple and yellow actually cancel each other out, and leave a bright white remaining! This is science people! Enjoy your new beautiful pearly whites without the damage! SMILE!

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Tula Skincare

The latest trend in health and beauty is using all natural beauty products made from everything from God’s green earth. You will adore this soft and gentle Kefir formula that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Known as a “unique living food,” Kefir is a powerful pro-biotic because it contains strains of live bacteria, plus yeast, calcium, magnesium, minerals, amino acids, phosphorus, antioxidants, proteins, enzymes and vitamins B2, B12, A, D and K. It’s excellent for dry, sensitive skin, because ultra-hydrating, wonderfully gentle and fights redness and inflammation. You’re skin will love it!

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Dope Naturally

DOPE Naturally is a pure super food blend that is unlike anything else available on the market. These powerful powder supplements are made with the highest quality of unique ingredients and natural foods that are combined together for maximum benefit to ensure the best beauty and wellness benefits.

These amazing beauty products by Dope Naturally will beautify your skin from the inside out. These beauty supplements are all plant-based powders that enhance your natural beauty, increase energy levels, and improve your overall body and mind health.  Get your own DOPE products and start reversing your signs of aging today!

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Bella Schneider Beauty

Quite frankly this specially formulated line of advanced skincare products is exceptional. We might be so bold as to say, Bella Schneider Beauty products are the best on the market. With the perfect blend of natural products and scientific excellence, these products are effective, gentle on the skin, and provide incredibly powerful results.

We highly recommend the Organic Lychee & Coconut face and body polish with skin cream set.  Get that vacation you want now. Here you are relaxing alone and exfoliating with coconut, lychee and sea salts. You close your eyes and smell Polynesian bliss. You rinse off and realize your skin is totally nourished, smooth and deliciously perfumed with the scents of the tropics. Minerals, fatty acids and enzymes protect and fully hydrate. With use of this polish you and your skin will be vacationed and renewed! Then treat your skin and your senses with our organic, ultra-whipped coconut soufflé cream + olive oil. Massage a dollop of this snow white mousse into your skin, and it melts deep, leaving you soft, supple and smelling divine. You’ll never want to use another cream on your skin again!

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide


Pure Ice Nail Polish “Christmas Edition”

Pure Ice presents bright, cheerful reds and vibrant forest greens paired with silver, gold and sparkling glitters for a fun, fabulous take on traditional holiday looks. Six Limited-Edition Shades, from left to right above, include: Peppermint Sticks, Frostette The Snow Woman, Holiday Cheer, Rudolph Knows, Yule Be Cool and Holly At Ya Girl. The Pure Ice Holiday nail polishes will be available exclusively at Walmart and Walmart.com in November and December 2017.

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Musely Mask Set

You will fall in love with your skin after incorporating Musely masks into your beauty routine. No more using beauty products that just leave your skin de-hydrated and your heart disappointed. Musely masks are designed to be worn overnight for maximum hydration and skin moisturizing effects. These hydro-gel masks look like an everyday sheet mask, do not be deceived, these overnight masks are full of refreshing water that deliver a high dose of hydration into your dermal layers while you sleep!

You can choose from the eye masks, forehead, neck, or face masks to give every inch of your face a beauty treatment. You’ll wake up with skin that is revitalized and visibly brighter!

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide


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