How to Wear a Golf Jacket Stylishly

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Golf is undoubtedly a luxury sport. Since its inception, the sport has been associated with style and elegance; you can see it in how professional golf players dress. They are always well-groomed and seem to maintain a particular style. And they spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, as well as accessories just to show up at the club.

There’s a reason for this. Golf, one of the oldest sports we have to date, still adheres to a strict dress code. There are specific rules on how women and men should dress, and the golf club usually enforces these. Beyond the golf course, golf fashion has enjoyed quite the popularity, with items such as the polo shirt cementing themselves as part of modern casual wear.

That said, a golf jacket is a closet must-have, and you can wear it on off-course too. But how do you style it to achieve a chic look?

Some Chinos Pants

First off, jeans are not typically accepted as golf attire. Aside from the fact they are not proper etiquette, jeans are impractical for playing golf. For one, they are too heavy and bulky, allowing little room for movement, hence making them uncomfortable when playing. Also, they are not course-weather friendly, as they don’t help with sweat. And, in case of rain, jeans can absorb water and make playing even more difficult.

So, you want to go with more lightweight and stretchable pants. For instance, cotton, polyester or a combination of both. Twill chino pants pair well with golf jackets whether you want to stand out on the golf course or in a casual outdoor meet with the girls.

A High-Waist Pleated Skirt or Skort

Golf skirts and skorts are popular attire for women who play golf. And for some good reasons: they allow effortless movement, freedom, and comfort. Now, a skirt is pretty obvious; a skort, however, may not be for people not in the athletic world. A skort is basically a skirt, at least at the front, with a short underneath.

Skirts or skorts pair perfectly with cropper jackets like the Fair Liar jumper. But if you want to add some elegance and character to your look, a high-waisted pleated skirt or skort is a great idea. Some designs even come with accessories such as belts, beads, buttons or pockets.

Long-Sleeved Shirt

It’s always harder to stay warm and stylish when outdoors during the cooler months. But if you have a golf jacket, this is the perfect time to pair it with a long-sleeved shirt and, of course, some pants. To hack that elegant golf look, go for something that’s slim fit, collared, and with a zipper or button placket.

You can play safe with solid colors if the jacket has a pattern. Or try out patterns and different color combinations with a plain jacket for a vibrant look on those gloomy days.

Sleeveless Collared Top

Sleeveless golf shirts are perfect for those hot summer days. Aside from giving your body room to breathe, they are sweat-wicking, keeping you cool while on the course.

But that’s not all there is to like about sleeveless shirts. They are also easy to layer for cooler days, early mornings or evenings. So, you definitely want to grab a couple of sleeveless shirts or blouses to style with your golf jacket. This look is easy to work with as you can add or remove the jacket depending on the weather and general atmosphere.

For that elegant look, go for a collared design with a buttoned-up placket. There are various options to pick from, including plain solid colors, striped, and even knit designs.

A Golf Jacket is a Must-Have for Every Golf Lover

If you enjoy playing golf in your free time, or at least the fun times you get to spend with friends at the club, then investing in proper golf attire is well worth it.

That said, a golf jacket is a must-have in your closet. As you can see, it’s pretty versatile and can be worn with pants or a skirt. You can also layer with a sleeveless top or a long-sleeved shirt, depending on the weather or look you are going for. Basically, there are so many ways to wear it, and you’ll look super stylish. Don’t forget to accessorize with a golf hat!

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