6 Ways Music Can Benefit Your Mental Health

6 Ways Music Can Benefit Your Mental Health #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #mentalhealth #dealingwithinsomnia #anxiety #musictherapy #upliftingmusic
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Music has incredible power to boost people’s moods and mend broken hearts. Therefore, people have been using it for centuries to cope with the highs and lows of life. Recently, research suggested that music can also help people overcome anxiety and depression, among other mental health challenges. As a result, healthcare providers can recommend music therapy to patients to help them overcome mental challenges and improve their well-being.

Understanding Music Therapy

Music therapy involves treating mental health challenges using music to improve patients’ mood. Music therapists use clinical and research-based knowledge to develop different kinds of music for mental health treatment. It is a creative approach that achieves holistic healing and helps patients develop positive strategies to cope with mental health challenges.

Benefits of Using Music Therapy

Music has many benefits, including enhancing concentration and intelligence, boosting the immune system, and improving confidence and self-esteem. Music can also induce deep sleep, which is great for people with insomnia. Music can help a person temporarily escape reality and transport them to a better place, time, or memory. But what are the benefits of music therapy?

1. Music Is a Deep Form of Expression

Music provides a unique way to express deep emotions creatively without saying a word. Since musicians and songwriters focus on different topics, people struggling with mental health challenges can always find music that matches their current situation. Besides, they can strum their guitar or play their favorite music to elevate their moods. Therefore, people experiencing mental health challenges such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can always use music to express their emotions that are too deep to talk about.

2. Enhance Concentration on Studies or Work

Studies reveal that classical music can help a person’s mind to concentrate on studies or work. Besides, music with a tempo of 60 beats per minute can boost the brain’s ability to process information. Other studies suggest electronic dance music can boost intelligence and sharpen the focus during studies.

3. Boost Esteem and Confidence

Ambient and subliminal music can manage anxiety and boost confidence. For example, alpha waves ranging from 8 Hz to 14 Hz can help create a sharp, focused mind. Therefore, isochronic and binaural beat music are a great option when a person is fearful or nervous. The brain syncs with the new frequency as the music plays to enhance confidence, happiness, and well-being.

4. Promote Relaxation

Meditative music can improve people’s moods and help the body and mind to relax. For example, the calming sound of nature, piano, or string instruments promotes relaxation. Therefore, people experiencing anger or anxiety can benefit from meditative music.

5. Lift the Mood

Sometimes, a person feels down due to life challenges and negative experiences. Fortunately, playing uplifting music can stimulate the brain to release feel-good hormones. These hormones help boost the mood and overcome emotions associated with negative thoughts or experiences.

6. Express or Process Anger or Negative Emotions

Everybody experiences negative emotions at some point. However, processing and expressing those negative emotions is not easy. Music offers an incredible vehicle to process negative thoughts and express them. For example, playing or listening to angry music can be therapeutic when struggling with anger or stress.

Music therapy is quite effective whether a person is dealing with insomnia, autism, depression, anxiety, or personality disorders. Playing appropriate music can help elevate the mood and overcome negative thoughts and ideas. Therefore, people struggling with various mental health issues should consider music therapy to enjoy these benefits.

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