How to Properly Care for Leather Handbags

How to Properly Care for Leather Bags and Purses #leather handbags
How to Properly Care for Leather Bags and Purses #leather handbags

Remember that time when you accidentally ruined your most beloved handbag? Or how about that moment you spilled coffee on your leather purse? No matter the circumstance, ruining your most prized purse and bag is one of the most hurtful things imaginable. It’s not just about the price tag that came with it. It’s about the fact that you want them to be in mint condition. (Image Credit: Free Photos/Pixabay)

Women love bags. Who doesn’t? And the reason why they collect them is that they want to grow their bag collection. Isn’t it but imperative, therefore, that you learn how to take care of your best leather purses and bags? Here are some helpful tips to help you keep great-looking leather handbags and let you feel that you get your money’s worth out of it. 

  1.   Avoid placing your handbag on the floor. Most importantly, when you’re in public places, never put your bag on the floor. You will never know how much dirt and germs are there, after all. Handbags have to be placed on the back of a chair, on an empty seat, or even on your lap. The whole idea here is to keep the bottom part of your handbag clean and free from harsh elements you never know of. You can also buy a handbag table hook. This is a cheaper but more efficient option and is very easy to take along anywhere you go.
  1.   Clean Hands. This can never be emphasized enough. Most women often underestimate the potential damage a dirty hand can cause to their handbags. Grime, natural oils and even dirt, can be avoided if you have clean hands upon using. Also, having dirty bags often means you also have to clean them regularly. Constant cleaning can damage the bag’s surface and quality, especially when not handled correctly.
  1.   Do not over-clean. The more you clean your bag, the more likely it is to be exposed to potential damages. Cleaning leather handbags entail the use of specialized chemical products. When this is overdone, your bag is at risk of destruction. When you spot something that you think there’s a need for cleaning, use water.
  1.   Do not store without proper inside support. Putting your best leather purses and handbags in the original box and tucking it in your cabinet is not enough to protect them. When not in use, there are different ways to store these expensive pieces. 

–    Use a dust bag cover to secure your bag or purse before you put them in the closet. most handbags today, thankfully, come with its dust bag cover.

–    To keep the shape of your leather handbags, try placing tissue inside so it doesn’t deform. If dust bags are not available, a pillowcase will do the trick.

–    If your handbags are used in rotation and don’t require storing them in the closet for longer periods, invest in a hanging handbag organizer. This keeps your wardrobe organised while still keeping dust away from the bag. 

  1.   Avoid using vinyl or plastic for storing. These materials are moisture-resistant and trap wetness. When you use these to keep your bags, molds can form over time. 

Authentic handbags and the best leather purses are expensive. Therefore, you must take good care of them properly and store them securely so they can last for long.

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