Australian Streetwear Fashion For All

Australian Streetwear Fashion You Should Try This Season#fashion
Australian Streetwear Fashion You Should Try This Season#fashion

Vogue attributed the increasing attention on Australian fashion to the stylists of Hailey Baldwin-Bieber and Kendall Jenner, who dressed them in Australian designer wear. Justin Bieber, frequently seen wearing a famous Australian brand, also contributed to the global embrace of the country’s relaxed, seaside style. (Image Credit:  Florian Dittmar/Pixabay)

If you search online for streetwear in Australia, you will realize that Australian fashion is more than just a trend. It is a reflection of the lifestyle and fun-loving nature of Australians. This year, there are several expected styles and looks in fashion, but there are also other styles that caught the fashion industry by surprise. Here is some streetwear fashion that you should seriously give a try this 2020. 

Slip Skirts 

This season, you can bring out your 90s slip skirt and slip dresses as they are currently on-trend. This skirt is a constant favorite because it is less revealing compared to the ultra-tight midi skirts of the last season. The skims of this skirt will surely compliment your figure in the best way, while showing just enough. If you wear it with a pair of boots and cropped relaxed fit tee, you can quickly nail the grunge look. If you want to look poised and elegant, you can pair it with your heels and bandeau. 

Bike Shorts

2019 and the years before that blurred the lines between sportswear and streetwear. Some labels took this opportunity to make athleisure a distinct and separate style. Off the back of this style change, bike shorts became a surprisingly wearable fashion trend that crawled their way into the mainstream fashion world. Pair it with a relaxed cropped top tee or a matching bodycon and a pair of highcut boots for a perfect “out of the gym” and “ready to mingle” look. 

Matching sets and Jumpsuits 

Last winter, the most significant trend was the check-print set. This trend, fortunately, carried over into the summer. Going matchy-matchy was never out of style. Whether it is a playsuit, boilersuit, or a jumpsuit, you will always be a head-turner. This summer, you can also expect to see pencil skirts, high waist skirts, and denim skirts matched with relaxed cropped top tees. 


If you search online for summer or fall streetwear in Australia, you will see that it is all about colour, especially pastel shades of green, pink, purple, yellow, and blue. People loved this trend so much because these are perfect for summer and fall. Aside from that, these shades are also very inclusive. Regardless of your skin tone, you can find the best shade for you. On top of that, you can too rock these colours in a cool and relaxed activewear style or for a quirky and fun all-girls night out. 

The Final Takeaway 

This season’s Australian streetwear fashion is not only about aesthetics. Instead, it is more about how your clothes were made. Sustainable fashion is what the Australian fashion industry screams right now. With more and more people caring for the environment, the fashion industry promises not to lag behind. 

And aside from sustainable means of creating these outfits and streetwear, summer and fall fashion is about the fusion of comfort and style. Gym wears paired with a pair of boots or sneakers are perfect for a daytime hang-out with friends or an evening night out with the boys.

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