How To Manage Long Distance Travel Flights

How To Manage Long Distance Travel Flights
How To Manage Long Distance Travel Flights

Vacation season is nearly here, which, more often than not, means a long haul flight or two are on the not-so-distant horizon. If done right, ten hours on an airplane needn’t be an awful experience, and with the right planning it can even be a joy. If you land rested, the beginning of your trip will be an enjoyable experience, rather than spending it between time zones and snoozing when you should be out having fun! You’ve read our top tips for international travel, but now check out our guide to surviving a long flight when you travel like a pro.

Pack snacks

Although you almost always get fed on a long haul flight, unless you are flying with a budget airline, you don’t always get given food at the right times. Often, the meals are structured to help acclimatize the body to its new time zone, meaning that you could be eating curry or noodles for breakfast and an omelet and fruit when you get on the plane at midnight. So that you don’t starve between trolley runs up and down the aisles, stock up on healthy snacks which release energy slowly – this will keep you fuller for longer and will keep those travel sugar cravings at bay.

Stay entertained

Although you will likely have full use of the in-flight entertainment system, sometimes your favorite podcast, TV show or the audio book you are currently using to drift off to sleep to are the only things which will get you through a whole day in a stuffy cabin in the sky. Make sure your device is fully charged, in case your flight doesn’t provide power sockets, and ensure it’s filled with everything you need. If you haven’t already got it on your phone, Cinema Box is a great app which allows you to watch movies and TV while on the fly, meaning that you can use it wherever, whenever.

Wear comfortable clothing

This is a given, but it’s easy to misjudge what will be the most comfortable outfit when in the air. Stay away from tight clothing and make sure you have plenty of light and loose layers with you – air conditioning and tiredness can cause your body temperature to fluctuate. Fluffy slipper socks are also a great investment, but remember that closed toe shoes are recommended for flying, as they are the most practical in the unlikely event of an emergency. Unless you want to go to the bathroom mid-flight to remove or touch up makeup, it’s a good idea to go barefaced – waking up with mascara sticking your eyes together on a plane is not a comfortable thing to deal with!

Make new friends

Airplanes are full of interesting people, each with their own reason for traveling halfway around the world. Why not strike up a conversation with the person sat next to you? It’s a great way to pass the time and will make clambering over them to go to the bathroom a little bit less awkward, and may even result in a new travel friend on the other side.

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