How to Manage Catering Staff At Business Events

How to Manage Catering Staff At A Big Business Event
How to Manage Catering Staff At A Big Business Event #business #events #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills

No matter how good your business event management skills are or how good the entertainment you have arranged for the big event, the food and beverage you provide is usually the center of everything.

Manage Big Business Events

At big business events, managing catering staff is a must because if you’re not careful, you could be losing repeat business and new leads due to disappointment from your guests. To make the best of any event, Flavours corporate catering in Sydney has some useful tips that will help you score points every single time.

 Here are 3 tips for managing your catering staff at big business events regardless of its scale and the number of guests.

Get to Know the Catering Staff

 As a manager, knowing the staff you will be working with is of utmost importance. Make sure to meet all the staff that will be sent to your big event before the day of the event. Talk to them and learn about their strengths and weaknesses. This way you will be able to put the right person at the right place during the event so nothing goes wrong.

 Another great idea is to hold a team-building event just a couple of days before the big event to make sure everyone understands the scale and importance of what’s to come.

Make Sure You Have a Rush Strategy at Hand

 If you have ever heard about horror stories from the hospitality industry, you may have come across many moments that blame rush for ruining their events. There comes a time during any big business event when everyone will be looking to be served. These rushes can happen any time during the event and thus as a manager, you should be ready with a backup strategy.

 You should ideally have ideal staff on hand and put them at the right jobs when the rush begins. This way you won’t be increasing your costs and you’ll have plenty of serving hands during peak hours.

Communicate Clearly and Effectively

 When you have to deal with large events, it also means that you’ll have to deal with a large number of individuals working for you. Communication is what will make a difference here. If you want to keep the things running smoothly, you need to make sure the way you communicate with your staff is clear and concise as well as effective.

 When you and your employees communicate effectively, everything stays in order. The staff is able to perform their jobs properly and you will get to lift off a lot of stress from your head. After all, business events are very different from regular parties.


Wanting to become the best catering in Toronto or any city for that matter, is not an easy job. There comes a time when suddenly a lot is going on and it is easy to lose track of everything. Having a good plan in your mind that is communicated to your staff will help you getting in problems when the time comes. So no matter how big the event is, make sure to discuss it with your staff one day before the event. This way  everyone is clear on what they have to do. Communication is key to success.

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