5 Proposal Flowers To Help Your Love Bloom

5 Proposal Flowers To Help Your Love Bloom
5 Proposal Flowers To Help Your Love Bloom #love #dating #marriage #relationships #flowers #pink #roses

Flowers have been used for centuries by lovers to profess their love for their partners. In fact, there was a time in the Victorian era when two lovers would use flowers entirely to converse with each other. Gradually, it became a custom for individuals to confess their heartfelt feelings for their romantic partner with flowers. (Image Credit: Rebekka D/Pixabay)

Centuries later, this tradition continues and even today people use flowers to show their love to their partners. If you’ve had a crush on someone for a long time, now is the perfect time to pop the question. And according to Pearsons Florist, there is no parallel to popping the question with a bouquet of proposal flowers. They even have perfect recommendations to help you start off.

Here are 5 proposal flowers that can help your love bloom.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisy is a ‘I love you’ flower that can help begin your love story on a very romantic note. It is the fifth most popular flower in the world and it represents innocence and cheerfulness. A bouquet of Gerbera Daisies represents desire and love in a relationship. So if you want to confess your love for someone, these are the perfect flowers for you to pick.


 If you love the smile of your partner, try getting her a bunch of beautiful lilies. These flowers are one of the best flowers in the world to convey your true feelings for your romantic partner, especially if you are infatuated with their heavenly smile. The Lilly flower signifies a strong bond with your partner.


Red roses are one of the most popular and widely used flowers to express true feelings of love for someone. The rose flower is available in many shades, however, a bouquet of red roses literally means ‘I Love You’. They can also help increase relationship happiness when the two of you are feeling blue. Try giving your partner a dozen of these because a dozen of red roses actually symbolizes complete love.


Looking for something elegant to win her heart? Tulips will surely win your attention. Although tulips are available in many different shapes, the red tulips symbolize ‘perfect love’ and that is exactly what you need when you go out there to pop the big question. In fact, the Victorian language of flowers says that giving red tulips to someone means that you are declaring true love for that person.

Blue Iris

The Blue Iris is reminiscent of hope and faith. It represents different meanings when given to someone as a gift, however, it always conveys a deep message when given. In fact, the Blue Iris is believed to have magical powers that attract a lover towards you. Thus giving a bouquet of these flowers is an ideal way to express your deepest emotions for someone.

If you’ve been thinking of a way to propose your romantic partner in the best possible way, we highly recommend including a bouquet of one of these flowers with your proposal. We guarantee that these flowers will make a difference.

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