How To Make A Meaningful Impression On Others

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It is fair to say that we all have different callings in life, and while some people feel driven to create, explore, or simply live for themselves, others have a certain drive to make the world a better place and spread positivity and inspiration. If you are one of those people, it may be that you are a perfect life coach in the making. This article will briefly explore what a life coach does, how to become certified as a life coach, and what impression you can make on people as a life coach. Read on for more information.

Becoming A Certified Life Coach

If you are looking for a way to bring joy and help to people in need and feel fulfilled in your purpose, why not take training to become a Certified Life Coach? Essentially, a life coach will use personal accountability and action planning to help clients set themselves achievable goals, identify potential setbacks and overcome obstacles in their lives.

People who are struggling with transitions through life changes, or are afraid to pursue their dreams often reach out to life coaches, and they can provide the drive, motivation, and encouragement necessary to push forward. Life coaches will give their clients tasks to do and track their progress so they can see their personal growth and achievements.

Certification is not mandatory to become employed as a life coach, but it could help you to get more work, stand out against competitors, and can boost your credibility. Moreover, you could learn some valuable lessons during the training. If you would like to become a certified life coach training in Alabama, read on for more on how you could make a meaningful impression on others. This could be the chance you have been waiting for to make a positive difference in your community.

What Impression Will You Have On Others?

As a certified life coach, you will have to be a good listener naturally, and you will develop and hone this skill until others recognize it as one of your key attributes. On top of this, you will become a guiding light in people’s lives as you help them through troubled waters and nudge them toward the path they want to take but are afraid to set out on.

You will also be a professional problem-solver as you help people to overcome boundaries and learn to step over hurdles, rather than falling behind them. Finally, you will be a leader. You will lead the people in your community into a place where they can realize their fullest potential and you will inspire them, partly through example, to live life to the fullest and seize opportunities.

Take The Leap And Start Training

There are no onsite training locations in Alabama, however, you do have access to a couple of excellent online programs. You can choose between two ICF-accredited life coach training programs, depending on which suits your ideals best.

At the Life Purpose Institute, you can train to be a Certified Life Coach (CLC). The Life Purpose Institute offers a Life Coach Certification program that consists of 60 hours of training. The course can be taken over three months, with classes two nights a week online. If you are balancing this training with other commitments, such as family life or work, you can take one night a week instead and do the course over six months. The online classes are two hours long. The course also counts toward 60 hours of ICF certification.

The other option is to train through the Health Coach Institute. The Health Coach Institute offers a dual health and life coach certification. This gives your training a wider breadth of knowledge and incorporates other aspects of coaching. If the health aspect appeals to you, this could be the ideal path. You can focus on just the life-coaching portion of the program, but the purpose is to incorporate health coaching into life coaching as well. The program takes six months to complete.

If this article has inspired you to take the leap and become a certified life coach, you can sign up for an online course today. As a certified life coach you will be able to guide people through tough transitions in their lives, help them to realize their goals, motivate them to go after what they want, and be a kind listening ear to their concerns. As a certified life coach, you can truly make a meaningful difference in the impression of your clients’ lives. If this appeals to you, you are the perfect candidate for this role.

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