How to Keep Your Patio in Great Shape

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You can keep your patio in great shape all through the year and make sure that your home always has amazing curb appeal. Whether you choose to try a seasonal trend or two or stick to a favorite staple, you can control your patio’s aesthetics. Have a look below at how you can do this and get the best look for it in a simple and manageable way.

Install Shade

In a sunny place like Beverly Hills, getting some shade will go a long way in helping you keep your patio looking good. It will also protect your furniture, both indoors and outdoors, from extreme sun and outdoor elements. This is because canopies and awnings have been found to reduce heat gain by 55% to 60% on windows facing the south, so you stand to benefit twice. You will also be able to enjoy spending time with friends and family on your patio when it’s shaded and livable at all times of the year.

Think About the Seating

If you already have a set of outdoor furniture on your patio, you can either refresh it or replace it altogether. You can get wooden or fabric furniture which will be versatile and comfortable wherever you’ve placed it. Also, make sure you have a variety of seating options that will appeal to different people and make it possible to use the patio for different things. Combine deep-seated chairs with cushions on them with light movable stools. This is because there are many reasons someone may choose to go outside, and you can cater to all of their needs, making your patio a lot more livable while staying true to a trend you enjoy.

Set Up Good Lights

It’s not always that people will want to spend time on the patio during the day, so provide good lighting for those times they want to spend time outside after the sun has set. You can search online for lights on-trend, including string LED lights in different shapes and colors. Doing this will enable you to get your patio looking great and feel good to spend time on. While maximizing the light outside, you can minimize that which gets inside by getting fabrics for your window treatment that block up to 94%-96% of the visible light. These will provide great glare control and also absorb some heat, keeping it at the window until it slowly dissipates into the room.

Keep it Clean

A clean patio will be attractive and comfortable to spend time on at any time of year. Blow or sweep debris regularly from under and around the furniture on your patio, timing this for the same day you trim your lawn. If you have heavy planters, set them on stands that can be rolled so that you can easily move them to clean up. Debris sitting on the same spot for a long will encourage the growth of mold, while plant matter will stain concrete and wood, something that you need to avoid for a clean patio.

Treat and Seal it

To make sure your patio is inviting no matter the time of year, treat it and seal it after the recommended period has passed. If you have a concrete patio, sealant will block the pores in it and keep it from absorbing salts and water, which can shorten its lifespan. Seal it after every three years so it doesn’t discolor, crumble, or crack, and you will enjoy having a good-looking patio for a long time.

Use the five suggestions above to keep your patio in great shape all year long, and friends and family will compliment you on it. It won’t take a lot of effort or resources, but it will make a big difference to how your house looks from the outside.

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