Top UK Hotels For A Perfect Weekend Getaway

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Urban city dwellers in the UK are always on the lookout for a good opportunity to get out of their busy lives and spend some time soaking up the sun and enjoying the country air. Considering all the problems with international travel in the recent past, many people are looking for solutions that are easier to manage and preferably quicker to pursue. Luckily, there are a number of iconic locations and UK hotels that you might not have explored in the past; they offer a fantastic mix of all the elements you would want in a holiday destination. Whether you are into history, culture, the great outdoors, or extreme sports, there is something for everyone in the UK. If you are planning on visiting the UK from abroad, this list of some of the top UK hotels will also give you a fair idea of what the UK has to offer as a holiday destination.


Located in the scenic area of the Cotswolds that is home to a number of iconic pubs, the hotel Thyme offers a unique experience. What makes this accommodation so interesting is that it is actually an old house that has been turned into a hotel that contains a culinary school, a spa and a fantastic restaurant. Located less than 50km from Oxford, it is a fantastic place that offers everything from classic small-village life to wide open green landscapes with smooth sloping hills. Surrounded by pristine gardens, the Thyme is a wonderful place to unwind on your own or with a significant other.

The Idle Rocks

If you are looking to get out of the blistering cold of the north then the Idle Rocks might be the best location for you. This classic hotel is located in Cornwall, home to the best climate in the country, and also offers views you will never find anywhere else across the UK. According to the warner hotel breaks, the Idle Rocks has some of the best sandy beaches of Cornwall, together with the crisp blue sea, all under the warmth of the bright Southern Sun. If you enjoy seafood then you’re in for a delight because not only does this location boast some of the best sea treats out there, but it is actually located in an old fishing village, where you will find plenty of interesting things to explore and try out.

The Royal Crescent Hotel

If you are looking for a more urban environment then consider The Royal Crescent Hotel in Somerset. Also, the neighboring city of Bath is home to some of the best festivals in the country so there is always something to do. The hotel itself is located in one of the few classical townhouses in the country which offer a fantastic architectural experience. Moreover, there is a wide variety of both activities and sites to see in the area and there will be no shortage of entertainment. A truly unique 5-star experience you can’t get anywhere else in the UK.

To get the best deals on your travels, make sure you book in advance and to keep an eye out for any discounts. For certain locations such as The Royal Crescent, prices can vary a lot depending on how busy it is and what else is happening in the city. In all these UK hotels, you can enjoy a traditional culinary experience along with several other classic British pass-times.

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